Presidents Cup 2022 results, results and standings: The US doubles its lead while the Americans fall back again on Day Two

The 2022 Presidents Cup is effectively over, and it’s been a while. However, even with the US leading the international team 8-2 after two days of play, the four-ball action on Friday afternoon at Quail Hollow Golf Club was about as fun as golf gets.

Such is the strength of the golf team, and nowhere was it more evident than in the final on the course. Max Homma and Billy Horschel beat Taylor Pendrith and Corey Conners 1 UP to close out Friday’s games, and Homma hit the Canadians with a one-two cross pass that none of them will forget for long.

With four games in the books and the Presidents Cup no doubt anywhere (the US is now the favorites -10.000 to win their ninth in a row), Homma sent the rig to work with a 3-3 final kick of his life and two sure-fire fist pumps ahead – as he noted Next – 10 of the best golfers he’s ever seen.

What makes Team Golf so special, and why does the game create such drama? Why do I get chills on a Friday afternoon from a blast? It’s a million dollar (or one hundred million dollar) question that has no clear or definitive answer. The short response: Since players rarely party with anyone other than their cans, the red, white, and blue wrap looks less like a small circle and more like showing off a strip bar in front of a lot of people you care tremendously about.

Perhaps the longer answer is much deeper and more complex.

Regardless, Homma & Co. are thinking none of that at the moment as the Americans lead 8-2 (they’re tied for the most ever after two days) in eight games on Saturday and then on Sunday. Davis Love III will attempt to surpass his 19-point record set again in 2017 after games went from 34 points total to 30. Although that number is up in the air, the US win is not.

However, there will be a few more moments just like the one Homma experienced on Quail Hollow’s 18th green on Friday, and it will be a subtle reminder that the golf team – at this level and in this way – has not always been undefeated. It is hard to imagine that this is constantly changing.

Below is a breakdown of each match from Day Two of the 2022 Presidents Cup.

2022 Presidential Cup results

United States: 8 | International: 2

Day 2 – Four Balls – US: 4 | International: 1


Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

2 & 1

Adam Scott and Cameron Davis


Scotty Sheffler and Sam Burns


Songjae M and Sebastian Munoz


Cameron Young and Kevin Kesner


Mito Pereira and C. Bezuidenhout


Patrick Cantlay and Xander Shaveli

3 and 2

Hideki Matsuyama and Tom Kim

5 Billy Horschel and Max Homa 1 up Corey Conners and Taylor Pendrith

Match 1: Spieth/Thomas 2 & 1 over Scott/Davis

The slow start eventually was the demise of the Australian partnership. With only one birdie between the two through eight holes, the international team found themselves 3 early. Soon, golf was elevated to a bird’s-eye after the Birdie was made.

Scott cut back to lead to 2 Down with a fourth-degree breakout and then the two teams exchanged birds for the next three holes – without drawing blood. The Americans found themselves 7 under their own ball by 13 and added to the total when Thomas fired one of the week’s shots when he nearly won a 14th third.

To extend their lead to 3 UP, Spieth’s audacious 15th tie put together this match before a confirmed birdie of his blade closed the match at 17. With the win, Thomas became the first player in Presidents Cup history to begin his four-way career 5-0-0.

Match 2: Burns / Scheffler TIED Munoz / Im

This was an easy back match where sparrows were flying. Burns started the party when he called from 80 feet for the Eagle in fifth. He added a birdie in ninth and then another on day 10 to take a 2 UP lead as he and Scheffler played the first 10 holes in the 5 less.

Only then did the real fireworks begin. Em and Munoz tried to draw the most, but the American duo met them at every turn. The internationals played No. 11-16 in 6 under – chopping and pulling all the rabbits out of their hats – but they were only able to pick up one hole.

Things finally turned when Burns and Schaeffler found trouble on Day 17 and allowed the internationals to tie the match. With Bars of Scheffler and Em on the closing hole, game two ended in a draw.

Match 3: Young / Kissner Ted Bezudenhout / Pereira

Neither team advanced by more than 1 UP during the afternoon. Sensing each other, successive sparrows of international players around the turn saw them snatch the lead heading for the back nine. They stuck it out before a bogey in 14 par-3 allowed the United States to tie the game. Despite some late drama, it stayed that way until the end and resulted in a second tie on day two.

Match 4: Cantlay / Shaveli 3 & 2 vs Matsuyama / Kim

Kim’s American name may be a reference to a train, but the only name in this match was the wild version of Cantlay and Shaveli. After strangling Scott and Matsuyama on day one, the two were once again playing with fours. A perfect ham and egg recipe, Schauffele is attached to a pair of sparrows before giving way to Cantlay.

Highlighted by a seventh-ranked Vulture, the US once again advances 4 UP through 7 as they did on Thursday. This time, they left no doubt as another bird on Kim and Matsuyama VIII suffocated before the quartet made their turn. The international caught his breath late in the back nine game with a 14-15 win but delayed their inevitable defeat.

After going 0-2-0 at four balls at Royal Melbourne, Cantlay and Shaveli netted their first win together like this in the Presidents Cup.

Match 5: Horschel / Homa 1 Up over Conners / Pendrith

The telecast described this match as a “pillow fight” and I have no qualms with this forward nine rating. The Americans made six straight out of the gate, and that was enough to get a 2 UP lead early. They took this exact margin on the back half where it disappeared courtesy of Conners Birds in the par-4 11 and par-4 13.

After the birds exchanged in the fifth and sixteenth parts, the first big moment occurred in the seventeenth green match. With Pendrith’s Birdie attempt over, Homa stepped up and turned his 13-foot appearance with Horschel’s encouragement.

I felt as though this alone would be good enough to secure a full point for the United States, but Pendrith had other ideas. Highlighting the final match in the 18th Green, the great Canadian made a rare birdie, to be met by Homma moments later. California kid Byrdie finished Byrdie to secure his second straight win with a 4-1 and 8-2 victory for the Americans — equaling the largest margin in two sessions in Presidents Cup history.