Potential Wild Card Series Matches ranked

With the regular season coming to a close, we’re finally able to get some clarity on ranking.

The Dodgers have wrapped up the NL West, the NL East winner will be seeded No. 2 in the NL, and the Cardinals are in good shape at NL Central. The Astros and Yankees both have the top two in the AL, the Guardians have pulled out at AL Central, and the three AL Wild Card teams, except for something particularly exciting from Orioles, are closed for the most part. This means you can almost start filling in your arch.

The coolest aspect of this first season of The new postseason format It is the Wild Card series that will take place in the first week, October 7-9. Remember, they will be the best of the three series, with all matches played on the Top seed court, in order to have the right to play the top seed in each Division Series league.

And here’s the fun part: We can narrow down exactly what this series will be.

First, the expected seeding:

1) Dodgers
2) Winner Middle East NL
3) Cardinals
4) Second place in the English Premier League
5) Phyllis / Padres / Brewers
6) Phyllis / Padres / Brewers

1) Astros
2) Yankees
3) Guardians
4) Rise / Jays / Mariners
5) Rise / Jays / Mariners
6) Rise / Jays / Mariners

Of course things may be Don’t play like that. But it will almost certainly go down like that. This means we know just about every possible match in Wild Card Weekend – so we can sort it out. By our count, there are 15, as long as the brewers are still alive.

And so, here are the potential Wild Card weekend encounters, ranked! (Sorry, Orioles. We doubt we’ll see you here next year.)

This should be first, right? These teams have had a lot of cutscenes and crazy matches over the years, and there is a lot of enthusiasm among the fans. Wow, Phillies fans would love nothing more than to go to Queens and finish the Mets dream season.

First, the color schemes alone here would be great. Something to keep in mind for all the Mariners series, by the way: They’d all be shocked if they happened in Seattle, which would always lose its loving mind if it hosted its first playoffs in 21 years.

In any case, the Blue Jays would love a victorious postseason to erase a somewhat inconsistent regular season. And sailors want every good moment to last forever.

There’s obviously a lot of good NL East hate that has built up here too, even if the teams haven’t played in the post-season since 1993 (when they were in completely different divisions). The Phillies will love their first post-season journey in 11 years to begin bringing down the defending champions.

Fun fact: The Mariners’ last playoff win (2001 ALDS) came at the expense of the Cleveland – a tight, tight five-game streak that featured a Game 5 win from Jamie Moyer, who was only 38 years old at the time.

There have been some really heated battles between NL Central’s competitors in recent years. The Brewers never outperformed the Cardinal in the postseason, losing the 1982 World Championships (when they were in AL) and 2011 NLCS. (Of all the NL Central teams, only the Cubs, in 2015, defeated the cards in the post-season.)

Many observers saw the Brewers as a sleeper pick from the World Series heading into the postseason last year. The Braves finished off this idea in four NLDS matches. The Brewers will now have a chance for revenge.

These two teams met on the Wild Card Tour just two years ago, where the Rays defeated the Guys (in St. Petersburg, not Buffalo) in a two-game sweep. (Vladimir Guerrero Jr. went 1 for 7 in that series.) This series is why Jays hasn’t won a post-season game since 2016.

The Padres must have been tired of seeing the Cardinals in October. They’ve made post-season only six times in their presence, and have drawn St. Louis in four of those instances. The 2020 Wild Card series was the first of those four times that the Padres actually won the series.

This will be the first post-season meeting between these two teams. Of course, the Rays were only three years old when the Mariners were last in the playoffs.

The Guardians have lost their last four playoffs: the 2016 World Series to the Cubs, the 2017 ALDS to the Yankees, the 2018 ALDS to the Astros and the 2020 Wild Card Series to the Yankees. Their last win? He beat the Blue Jays in five games at the 2016 ALCS.

These are two of the most energetic and ambitious teams in baseball, with two very different approaches. Lots of star power here.

Juan Soto caused all kinds of headaches for Braves, for years, as a native. Now he can do the same with a different outfit. They can’t shake this guy.

Two teams with two of the lowest salaries in the sport play for the right to play a bad big Yankees team at ALDS.

A certain hair will be for the Phillies facing the Cardinals on their first post-season appearance since that infamous 1-0 loss in Game 5 of the 2011 ALCS, which ended with Ryan Howard limping the first baseline after he injured his Achilles tendon. .

Matches on the field—if the brewers were able to get their own rotation set, however—would be pinned here. Hey: Daniel Fogelbach’s revenge game!