Phillies on the move, for a road trip towards the playoffs

Philadelphia (AFP) – The garbage talk began Long before kick-off, several Phillies sat on club couches dissecting their fantasy football teams and giving grief to players who were already off to a slow start. And after Phillies Wait for a rain delay of 3 1/2 hours – Interim manager Rob Thompson shyly admitted he spent watching the NFL – Rhys Hoskins shouted to the media that he was beating Bryson Stott in a fantasy game between them.

“Literally the whole world knows now that I beat you in fantasy football,” Hoskins yelled at Stott after his interview ended.

Who is sexy, who is not, which QB is smelly, all this is on the table for a lively discussion.

But within the club, one topic that has been largely consciously avoided is Philadelphia’s place in the Premier League’s post-season standings. Is there any talk of qualifiers? Do you watch a lot of the scoreboard for other teams in pursuit?

Hazkins, who hit two hurdles in Philadelphia in the weekend campaign against the Washington Nationals, shook his head when the question was asked.

“We know it’s there. You can feel it,” Hoskins said. “We need to win games. We have to win as many games as we can before we get there and that starts on Tuesday.”

The Phillies run with their first playoff debut since 2011 – the 11-year drought and the longest in the National League – and advance this week with a six-game road trip starting Tuesday with a three-game series in Miami. and three more in Atlanta. The Phillies should keep their suitcases on hand, as there are only six more home games left out of 22 competitions this season. They finished the season on a massive 10-game road trip with stops in Chicago, Washington and Houston.

Billy Walter (4-3, 4.02 ERA) got the start against the Marlins with the Phillies (78-62) who finished second on the wild card and a 3 1/2 game lead over Milwaukee in the berth of the final game entering Monday.

A clear postseason look: according to Playoff chances followed by Fangraphs.comthe Phillies have a 92% chance of making the playoffs (despite only 4% winning the World Championship). FanDuel Sportsbook They had 40-1 odds on Monday winning the world championship.

Let’s just start with the qualifiers.

The odds are high in large part because, simply put, the Phillies played this summer as one of the best teams in baseball. They are 57-33 since June 1, behind only the Braves and the Dodgers in winning percentage during that time in the National League.

The Phillies went 5-1 at home against Miami and Washington – and they played seven more games in September against two of the worst teams in the NL. The Phillies have won 21 of their last 25 games against the Marlins and the Nationals. The Phillies won eight straight points against the Nationals, outperforming them 61-28 in that period. They swept two series against the Nationals this season and 13-1 against them this season.

“We know we’re supposed to win, we know right now, we know we have to keep winning, beat the teams we’re supposed to beat,” said defensive player Matt Ferling.

The Phillies are trying to put their last road trip behind, when the 1-5 mark in Arizona and San Francisco has been one of the rare stumbles since Thompson took charge for Joe Girardi in June. The Phillies also dropped by four goals in a row in July before the All-Star Game and swept the Cubs in Chicago in their first three games after the break. The Phillies will play a watershed series on the road in its current location.

The elephant is approaching full force to push the flag. Seranthoni Dominguez threw a goalless turn in Sunday’s 7-5 victory in his comeback from right triceps tendinitis (Peles made five saves in the three weeks he was out), bowler Zach Evelyn (knee) back this week and Zach Wheeler (tendinitis). And champion Nick Castellanos (Italic Dynasty) should both return in two weeks.

With or without their superstars, Velez are confident that playoffs will be in their future – even if it’s a mother’s word at the club.

“You have to come face to face,” Thompson said. “You have to be a buffalo. The buffalo is the only animal on planet Earth that will go into a storm.”


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