Paraguay prepares to host the 18th World Adventure Racing Championships

September 12, 2022

The 18th World Adventure Racing Championships begins in Paraguay on Saturday 17th September, and teams from all over the world will arrive in the capital, Asuncion in the coming days.

/ Endurance SPORTSWIRE / – 18The tenth The Adventure Racing World Championship starts in Paraguay on Saturday 17th SeptemberThe tenthTeams from all over the world will be arriving in the capital, Asuncion, in the coming days.

The race will be hosted by Expedición Guaraní, which has been a member of the Adventure Racing World Series since 2016 and is known for the exceptional and welcoming service it provides to the riders, the beautiful Paraguayan landscape, and the technical and sought-after courses set by Race Director Urtzi Iglesias.

Teams know they will race non-stop, for up to 7 days, on a 550 km track designed to challenge the world’s best endurance athletes. The race promised the teams, “to go through some of the most beautiful places in the country, sail the meandering rivers and reach some of the most imposing hills in the country. They will have to hike on sand and mud, do rope activities on rock walls and waterfalls. All this, in a plant-filled environment.” bountiful that is the last remnant of the Atlantic Forest.”

Iglesias said: “The route has demanding trekking sections, a very long kayak stage and varied stages for bikes. There are a lot of checkpoints, some parts of the trail are difficult to navigate and a variety of terrain.”

“The start of the race will be very challenging, starting with 122 km of trekking, followed by a kayaking stage of 94 km. Many teams will need more than two days to overcome this first challenge and will still have more than half of the journey, so good speed and management of comfort and care By foot it will be really important to be able to reach the finish line.”

He is a member of Team Vidaraid, currently ranked #3 in the world, who are not racing this time. It’s rare for a current elite rider to also design courses, and asking him which was the toughest he answered.

“Course design is a lot harder and more stressful! I love designing the roads, imagining what the stage would be like if I had to do it in competition and not stop until I find the road that really convinces me. But at the same time, there is always the question of whether it will be a path that lives up to the What level the Adventure Racing World Championship should be at.”

His track will be tested by 53 teams from 18 countries and 5 continents. The Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team is defending the title they won last year in Spain. Team captain John Carlson said, “Coming as the reigning champions feels special and is a mission of pride and responsibility. We had a good year behind us and a warm summer in Sweden.” The year saw a big win at Adventure Race Croatia and the team had high expectations from Paraguay.

He added: “It’s the first time anyone on the team has visited Paraguay, and we’re looking forward to a challenging course, but above all to share a new story, meet old and new friends and gain experiences and memories. Previous races were full of navigation, so I think a good navigator It would be very crucial, especially to make the right choice of road if it rained and turned slush!”

The Swedes recently lost their world number one ranking to Estonian ACE Adventure – Team La Sportiva, who finished second in Spain last year. “We’re heading to relatively quiet Paraguay, Estonian-style,” said Silver Ensar. “We don’t really know what to expect from the race because we don’t know exactly where we’re headed and we’ve never raced in Paraguay, but only heard good things about him.

“We have a feeling this race is not going to be a pure test of physical strength, but it will also test tactics and need some luck. Our goal is to race with the fewest mistakes – and that could mean curbing our speed to conserve power for the really tough parts. It will be a great adventure for sure!”

You would think that the two highest-ranked teams in the world, were 1Street and 2second abbreviation Last year it would clearly be a favorite, but it’s not that simple. Late New Zealand’s Avaya, which won the title 5 years in a row between 2014 and 2018, participated in. Since their last victory in Reunion Island, they have not been able to race in the World Championships and with their unparalleled record. It will be a favorite of most fans.

“None of us have ever raced in Paraguay before, and this is a great call to travel and explore a new place.” Nathan Fafaye said. “The 2016 ARWC Show in Pantanal (Brazil) was a great experience, and with Paraguay close by, it was always tempting to travel there. We also know Urtzi would design an excellent course. It’s rare to have a current rider serving as a course designer, but that’s usually what It leads to a better path, so this is another good reason to get involved.

“The last time we raced the ARWC was 2018, but I think we can still compete. You never know what your chances really are until you see the course and decide whether or not it matches your strengths, but I think with our experience and our team culture, we should We will be able to adapt to most things. We hope to win another world title, but there is a competitive field and the race will be exciting.”

These are three strong candidates, all of whom have no prior racing experience in Paraguay, but who will face a team that knows all there is to know about Expedición Guaraní. Team Brazil Multisport is the reigning champion… and in between, their team members have won it once every two years too!

“Paraguay is the most special place to race for our team,” said Camila Nicolau. “Nick (Gracy) and Jonas (Yonx) raced every copy, Nick won almost every time, Jonas was always on the podium, and Nick beat the year he didn’t win! Gui (Pahl) and I raced there 4 times with 4 wins.

She added, “The race is organized by great people who think about every detail and the course is always very challenging. I am sure it will be another year of fighting with the wilderness in Paraguay! We know the terrain very well and we are very confident in building our team since the last world champions.”

That year, the Brazilian team won their first ARWS South America title, the new ARWS Panama AR Race (by defeating Estonian ACE Adventure – La Sportiva), to help elevate their world ranking to fourth.

None of these teams will take anything for granted, as there are many others with experience in the field. These include several ARWS race winning teams, two Ecuadorean teams that are among the top ten in the world, number 9 in Bend Racing Canada, and ARWS Africa champions, Team Merrell Songlines, who are competing with world champions for the first time.

Teams will be registered in Asuncion starting Thursday 15The tenthThe race starts at 12:00 noon on Saturday 17thThe tenthWith the race winners expected to cross the finish line on Wednesday 21Street. In front of all teams until the end of the session at 12.00 on Saturday 24The tenth to finish their race.

Supporters can follow the progress of all teams on the live race tracking platform at

There will be extensive coverage on the Expedición Guaraní and Adventure Racing World Series social media pages, with news, videos, photos and reports throughout the race.

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