Pants Predict: Iowa at Rutgers

Game day is fast approaching again, and for the second week in a row, what Hawkeye fans thought would be a great pre-season game was a surprising question mark. Just over 99% of Iowa fans surveyed expected Iowa to win Rutgers before the season starts. Every employee who has Hawkeyes gets a W this weekend. Then the crime popped up in the big boy pants for two straight weeks, and we all got chills.

Despite concerns about Iowa’s offense, The Pants stand steadfastly with the Hawkeyes. We’re still taking Iowa to win this one, and we think it could be a barn burner. As in, we might light a barn on a fire and watch it instead. On average, a BHGP staff expects a final score of 15 to 9, which is a perfectly normal football score when you’re talking about Hawkeyes and field goals.

This would put us more than a full point within the 7.5 point line of our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook. Our 24 points total is way below the already ridiculously low over/under 34 points total. So yeah, we’re here for defense and shooting, which should be TREMENDOUS.

Here is a look at our individual forecasts for this week.


I think we saw some rays of hope in the third week. No, it’s not all right, but we’ve seen at least Iowa ready To take some shots on the field and this opened things up in the running game. That was the gist of my message about Iowa being a quality team this year. It was Nevada and we could warn this one to death, but at least Brian Ferentz used a playbook that aligns with what I’ve come to expect from this offense all season long.

Do I think it also works against a pulse defense in Piscataway? No, no I don’t. But I think it’s enough to win one of the best defenses in the country.

prediction: Iowa 10, Rutgers 6
Tori Taylor 45.3 ypp, Adam Korsak 43.2 ypp


This week we’ll have a prime time match with two offenses that don’t do much and the main purpose of which is to give the opponent plenty of room. Iowa hasn’t been able to get me to sleep as the game goes past 1:00am, but that doesn’t mean she won’t give her another chance this week.

I think the game can turn into a missed intervention or two by one team or another. Looks like another week with Keegan Johnson out of the squad. I think we see Petras finally connect with a side pass with Brody Brecht this week as Rutgers will likely have 8-9 in the penalty area throughout the game.

prediction: Iowa 16, Rutgers 10

Bart Pierce

If you get rid of two gamblers from all over the world, this game seems like a limit to watch. Kirk Ferencs doesn’t want her any other way. Iowa’s attack showed heart palpitations last week, but it was against a terrible defense. I’m horrified to see our attack go against a solid defense and a great shooting team. I don’t see that we hold a landing command against anyone who beats. I’d be satisfied (happy?) with getting a road win.

prediction: Iowa 13, Rutgers 6

Matt Reisner

Iowa’s first and only trip to Piscataway, NJ, was a defensive fight that ended with a score of 14-7. Don’t be shocked if the date repeats itself on Saturday. Both teams have excellent defenses and really distinct special squad units, and they are satisfied with playing the field positioning game. Meanwhile, there are still far more questions than answers surrounding Iowa’s offense, while Rutgers has enough problems midfield and along the offensive line to raise questions about their ability to score so many points against Iowa. Iowa’s biggest advantage lies in its experience playing slugfests like this; Rutgers just embraced trying to win games in mud and muck, while Iowa was born into it.

prediction: Iowa 17, Rutgers 10


These are two teams worshiping at the altar of the field site. I think both teams have what could be a deep back break in their area. Iowa turns their goals into a TD or two while Rutgers settles on field goals.

prediction: Iowa 17, Rutgers 6

Max Bizarro

I expect Iowa to step back into its shell and wait for Rutgers to lose rather than try to win. A pass down the field and the most innovative running design we saw last week? shelves. In the face of long fields and the defense of the Big Ten, I think Iowa’s risk tolerance for frequent passes down the field dries up and the wagon turns into a squash. Or in this case, like a cart that turns into a beet. This game will aptly go down in history as Kicker’s Duel, as long fields created by historic kicks coupled with two fringe offenses playing efficient defenses lead to quick field goals.

prediction: Iowa 12, Rutgers 9


It’s been a strange week, guys. JPinIC found out that his wife and I are second cousins. I guess that makes us technically connected too? I know how any of that works but welcome to the family and I’ll see you at Christmas.

This game is the perfect vehicle for the weird happenings of the past weeks, and frankly, as a former gambler, the most anticipated game in my calendar. Any gambler who makes opposing teams incompetent who has to drive farther to get points will win this game. I expect the Hawkeyes to win that fight and force some transformations to take off, so give me the Hawkeyes on this one.

prediction: Iowa 20, Rutgers 10


Guys, let’s not beat around the bush here. It’s Iowa/Rutgers football. You get what you get and love. We’re going to have a bad time together. second.

prediction: Iowa 14, Rutgers 10


I don’t really have a reason to choose Hawks – a road game at night with a crowd that might have some pops, bad attack, Rutgers may be Be on the lookout again under Greg Schiano — but there’s a small sticking point: I think Iowa’s staff are better overall. Rutgers isn’t terrible, but I think Iowa has a better talent and it’s going to get them to cross the line somehow. There will be a lot of offensive hits, on both sides, a lot of kicks is a win, on both sides, but I think Iowa State is doing enough to get it done. Defense gives Iowa some short fields and they take advantage of them.

Prediction: Iowa 17, Rutgers 7

Ginger Hook

Do I feel better about Iowa’s attack after last week? yes. Do I think everything is fixed and that the Hawks will face 35 games against Rutgers? Yes No. Don’t get me wrong, what we saw last Saturday was encouraging but we still have a long way to go to get something close to a good attack. Nevada State was a small step in the right direction, but this weekend we’re going to need more of a big jump.

This game was promoted as a terrible game, and it would be absolutely necessary for Taylor to have one. Iowa and Rutgers ranked third and fifth in the conference, respectively, for yards allowed per game. Conversely, Rutgers and Iowa also rank 13th and 14th, respectively, in offensive yards per game. So this person may become ugly. So whoever gambler can consistently win in a field position battle will give their team a foot (see what I did there?… leg… get it?… well then) in total war.

This is the first nighttime game that Scarlet Knights fans have been involved in since 2017, and with a losing audience it could cause trouble for a young offensive line and a shaky QB. I’m going with the Hawks here, confident that Phil’s D would be pushy enough to grab some quick bites and sign up for one.

Prediction: Iowa 17, Rutgers 13

This is how we see things going. It’s possible that we’re all wrong, so please don’t bet on our basis. We’d love to hear your expectations in the comments below!

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