Panthers lose heartbreak to Browns as 58-yard FG sinks rookie kicker from Baker Mayfield’s debut in Carolina

Baker Mayfield Maybe or not he said it He intended to “f***” brown until Sunday

Regardless, he did his best to do it in the second half of the rally, but it came too short as a 58-yard field goal by Raxe Browns rookie Kid York sunk the Carolina Panthers in a 26-24 Cleveland win.

Cleveland game miss midfield start, Deshaun Watson For the first 11 games of the season, Carolina got off to a rough start against ex-Mayfield Brown. But Mayfield rallied the Panthers to a late lead 24-23 thanks to a pair of second-half touchdowns – one on the ground and one through the air.

The Browns responded to the Panthers’ late green-light score by driving 35 yards in 1:05 to set up the York winner with 8 seconds remaining.

Tough start, frantic end for Mayfield

Carolina’s top five possessions ended Sunday with four rounds and an interception. The only first match that fell into the range arrived courtesy of a rough pass call on defensive tackle Taven Bryan. The five possessions resulted in a total of 13 Carolina crime yards.

Mayfield was intercepted when he sailed overhead for intended receiver Shea Smith on the third and 20 early in the third quarter. Instead, it ended up in the hands of the safety Grant Delpit.

Turning also put a stagnant attack on the Browns on his first touchdown that Nick Chubb started with a 35-yard run. Chubb’s blast set the tone for Cleveland’s attack as he turned on Brown on a 141-yard rush day.

Mayfield saved the first half of Carolina’s next possession with a 50-yard pass to Ian Thomas. The play prepared the Panthers’ first score, a landing score for Christian McCaffrey. Then he found his rhythm in the second half only to see Brown advance to spoil his debut.

Cleveland built on his lead with a pair of field goals and a 24-yard touchdown run by Karim Hunt. Seemingly out of the game, Carolina then trimmed its second-half deficit 20-7 to six points when Mayfield raced for a 7-yard TD for third early in the fourth quarter. The run capped 11 playing 75 yards drive.

Cleveland responded with a field goal to extend its lead to property at 23-14 with 6:14 remaining.

Then Carolina’s next flight covered the same ground as before, but it took a lot less time. On the first and tenth of the Carolina 25, Mayfield fired a 75-yard bomb that was thwarted by Robbie Anderson at the Cleveland 30 and ran untouched in the end zone.

The score reduced Carolina’s deficit to 23-21. Cleveland’s next campaign was halted after 19 yards, and the Panthers drove 64 yards in 1:01 to go up Eddie Pinero’s 34-yard field goal with 1:13 remaining. It turned out that it was a lot of time.

Brown’s lead 15 yards into the first game with an elaborate penalty kick after Carolina’s Jacoby Brisset’s Brian Burns fired on an incomplete pass. Brown then picked up another 20 yards in four plays, which turned out to be just enough to prepare York for the game-winning field goal.

Baker Mayfield’s era with Carolina got off to a disappointing start. (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

For Carolina, the loss marks a disappointing end to the start of the Mayfield era as he sought to suspend a loss to the team he picked first overall in the 2018 draft before being abandoned this season in favor of Watson. Mayfield finished the day completing 16 of 27 passes for 235 yards with a touchdown and interception while adding a touchdown on the ground.

For Cleveland, the win adds to the relief after a turbulent season focused on the acquisition of Watson amid numerous allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct that ultimately led to his 11-game suspension. Brissett, who was playing in place of Watson, completed 18 of the 34 passes to land without turning the ball.

Cleveland’s ground game did the bulk of the work on attacking with 217 yards on rush day. Meanwhile, Miles Garrett counted two of the Cleveland nine sacks from the former quarterback, while Brown limited McCaffrey to 57 yards from the scrimmage.