Padres is in an awkward position because of the Diamondbacks’ MLB debut

They call it a scramble.

As in, “This jug pushed.”

It’s not hard to understand the hint, and that’s exactly what happened on Monday for parents.

by 24-year-old Ryan Nelson, who made his Major League debut for the Diamondbacks.

On the day Padres’ Ramy, Blake Snell, hit 10 and allowed one in six runs, Nelson cheated Padres for seven rounds at Petco Park in what ended up winning the Diamondbacks 5-0. (Result square.)

“I just couldn’t beat him,” said Manny Machado. “… Driving his fastball for hits, it’s a little hard to see (with shadows across the field in the first rounds). It helped him a little bit. But he had good things overall.”

Mostly, the right-handed young man did what not many seasoned shooters can do. He threw hits, 61 of them out of his 87 throws. Nelson has scored seven hits, five of which finish with Padres looking either at the fastball of the ’90s, the floating change of the low ’80s or the slider that frequently put him on the edges of the strike zone. He also threw a curling ball that fell due to blows, and the passive Padres often looked just as confused as he had been all season.

The Padres have only had five hits at bat for longer than four pitches against Nelson, and two of them have been in their last turn. Between Yuriksson Provar’s first-half double and his sixth-half double, Padres hit 17 consecutive runs for a total of 55 shots.

“You were hoping after the first time around the lineup, you’d get a little better idea of ​​what he’s doing,” said Bob Melvin. “And it got stronger as the game progressed.”

It rained a bit of boos after the endings of the fifth and sixth rounds. The latter was a shallow fly ball to center field by Juan Soto.

Soto also stood out after Provar’s first double, which was followed by a Machado penalty and a Josh Bell hit.

“I think if we had done something there, I think it would have changed the overall outcome of the match,” Machado said. “But he took control of it and started making good pitches and keeping us balanced a little bit. He had his stuff. It was a good debut in the league.”

Padres’ only other hits against Nelson were Bill and Ha Seung Kim’s songs at number seven. Jake Kronworth was booed after watching a fastball for a third stroke after Bale was injured. The cheers erupted again when Kim lined up hitting his left field. But the boos came back and got louder when Matt Petty finished the threat with a fly ball to right field (his season average dropped to 0.093).

Melvin noted that he didn’t even consider hitting Petty, which is 4 for 43 (.096) this season.

“Left-handed hitters,” said Melvin, whose seat was full of right-handed hitters on Monday. “He’s finally healthy again. There were no options at the time. He was going to hit regardless.”

That was the complete list of Padres’ chances against Nelson.

They went down in order against loyalists Kevin Ginkel (El Capitan High) and Caleb Smith to finish the match.

“It’s surprising that we didn’t do much in an offensive way,” Melvin said. “We had some better swings as the game progressed, and we hit some streaks. But apart from him, we didn’t do much of anything, really we didn’t get very good swings. … I mean, were we expecting him to go seven innings and not run? And he hits a seven, and nobody walks? No, but you also have to give him some credit as well. Play a good game.”

The Diamondbacks scored with back-to-back hits from Stone Jarrett and Alec Thomas in the second half, which was half their total against Snell and was followed by a five-stroke streak.

Snell took 98 throws to finish six runs, and the Diamondbacks added a run on Garrett’s grounds outside of Stephen Wilson in the seventh.

Boos drowned in applause as the final exit took place at the top of the eighth inning, with the Diamondbacks adding twice to Nick Martinez.

By the time Thomas’ fly-by scored Jake McCarthy, who had led in the ninth inning by walking against Josh Hader, there was a lack of interest mostly from the remnants of the declared crowd of 37,713.

The loss dropped Padres to sixth (and final) place in the playoffs in the National League. They are in a virtual tie with Velez, who hold the tiebreaker by virtue of their win in the season series between the two teams. The Brewers beat the Rockies on Monday to move two games behind the Padres and Phillies.

Padres had won nine of 12 against the Diamondbacks this season, which included a 5-1 mark at Petco Park.

This appears to be an improved Arizona team, as Monday was its ninth win in 11 games. This stretch on the Diamondbacks included taking two out of three from Phillies and three out of four from Milwaukee.

“We’re still good,” Machado said. We’re still there. We’re still in the fight. I think as long as we’re there, that’s all that matters. It’s about getting in…getting heat on time and getting it right. We still have a full month left. There’s a lot of baseball going. that can be played.