Oregon Ducks sporting director Rob Mullens apologizes for vulgar, anti-Mormon chants during football game with BYU: ‘That’s not who we are’

Oregon Ducks Sports director Rob Mullens has apologized to BYU for Vulgar, anti-Mormon hymns that came from “near or in the student section” at Autzen Stadium during Saturday’s game against BYU.

During an appearance on the Oregon in-house radio show on Monday, Mullins said he reached out to BYU to apologize after learning about the incident Saturday night, and later issued a public apology to BYU, a private university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ. Saints’ Day. Mullins also asked duck fans to “hold each other accountable” and seek out UO facilities staff should anything similar happen in the future.

“We’ve ruled out what was a great duck day,” Mullins said on the radio show. “But we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and respectful work environment for everyone. Unfortunately, a few individuals decided to chant some offensive statements. This is not what we are. This is not what we stand for. We take it very seriously. We love to have a passion and festival about College football, but there’s no place for that kind of chant anywhere in or around the world and we certainly don’t want to see it in our places. That’s not what we are. This isn’t what we stand for as a sports department, as a university, as a community. We need to stand together to stand Against this kind of hatred and this kind of intolerance.

“We want all our fans that if you see something like this on any of our locations, find one of our employees and let us run it right then and there because there is no place for that. When I found out about this Saturday night, I reached out to BYU to offer my apologies and I want to offer it again Here today to BYU, to their athletic department, to their university, and I’m also really frustrated with our community because we’re someone who welcomes, that’s inclusive. That’s not what we are and we need to be better.”

Multiple videos posted on social media Saturday night showed some fans chanting obscene anti-Mormons. The fans appear to be sitting in an area of ​​Autzen Stadium where part of the Oregon student section is usually located.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox commented on Twitter: “Religious Intolerance Is Alive and Celebrated in Oregon.” Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared the incident “unacceptable.”

University of Oregon and Pit Crew, Oregon Student Division, He apologized for the accident.

“We love passion. “That’s one of the great things about college football but there is a way to do it in a very positive way,” Mullins said. “Comprehensive, welcoming, support your own team. We were even annoyed by the profanity that sometimes gets stuck in the chants bearing the opponent’s name. There is no need for that. We have brilliant people here, let’s be creative in supporting our team. We don’t need profanity. Not who we are. It doesn’t represent anyone well and it’s unnecessary.”

Mullins noted that the notes could have been directed at members of the UO community, including athletes. Many football players in Oregon are also Mormons.

“We have a strong value for diversity, equality and inclusion,” he said. “We want to be a welcoming place. We want to visit fans to talk about the Autzen experience like we get when we go to some other places. We call on all members of our community to live up to our standards, and hold each other accountable. We can have the highest pitch in college football in a very positive way and that’s what we want.”

– James Kripia

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