On Miles Garrett, booing, Nick Chap and scoring, just meet the guys and more: Mary Kay Capote plays Brown

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Many fans were angry at Miles Jarrett for calling out the boos after the epic crash against the Jets, where everything that could go wrong with Browns went into the 1:55 final.

I understand Garrett’s disappointment with the booing, and I understand the crowd’s verbal expression of their frustration after losing 31-30, with Browns leading 30-17 with 1:55 left and winning the match by 99.9%. That point, according to ESPN Analytics.

I don’t think Garrett’s disappointment with booing and booing from fans are mutually exclusive.

His booing came in response to my question after the game about whether the loss was worse because it came at Browns Stadium, in the opening game, in front of a well-loved fan base who came home very disappointed.

“The most frustrating thing was the booing at the end,” he said. “It wasn’t the perfect finish we wanted. Of course we want to win. Of course we wanted to play the game and it’s 30-16 or 30-17 or whatever, we get a pick or a bag of clothes and we finish the game. But that’s not always how it goes. Still These guys put their asses on the line and play as hard as they can, and they should be respected as such.

“It’s two games and we have a lot of matches to play, especially this next game that the local fans are going to see. We have a lot of time to correct what we’re doing, so we don’t want to see this crowd, this stadium abandon us early. We want to see them right behind us. It’s Disappointing for everyone, but totally disappointing for us as a team just knowing we put them with our feet on their throats and didn’t finish them, and that’s entirely on us. We’ll learn from this, correct it and come back stronger.”

In my view, the big takeaway from Garrett’s comments is that he was pleading with the fans to hold on to the players and give them a chance to redeem themselves, which they plan to do Thursday night against the Steelers. He values ​​and loves the fans here as much as anyone on the team, and I don’t think he would do anything to threaten the relationship.

Having said that, most of the other players on the team who were asked about the boos, including Jon Johnson III, Joel Petunio and Jeremiah Oso Kuramuah, had no problem with it. All of them, including Jarrett, are determined to make sure that never happens again.

Nick Chubb took a lot of blame

It was lofty for Chap to blame himself for his third and final goal making it 30-17 with 1:55 left rather than going down or out of bounds at 1, but I think he was very hard on himself.

If he had fallen or gone out of bounds there, Jacobi Brissett could have taken his knee three times in a row and Brown would have taken out with a 24-17 win and a 2-0 record.

But undo undo isn’t supposed to be a concern about clock management or analytics in the midst of a game.

“For now, we’re going to break out the interventions and score the touchdowns,” said Karim Hunt. “This is what we do.”

The only way he gets down by Chap, who said scoring another TD goal “cost us the game,” is if he’s instructed to do so by his coaches or by Brissett at the rally via coaches in headset.

This is what happened in 2020 when Chap crossed the border in 1 day 59 yards “No Diamond” scamper To maintain a 10-7 victory over Texas. Had he scored, Texas’ QB Deshaun Watson would have gotten the ball back with just under a minute left.

But even though Chappe wasn’t expected to make this decision on his own, he put it on his shoulders and removed it from Kevin Stefansky, who also took the blame.

“We all work together,” Chubb said. “We all communicate but at the end of the day, I’ve been in this situation before, so I can’t really put it down to anyone but myself at this point. I think the most important thing was that I was aware of what was going on, and I thought the match was over if we were honest.”

If no one calls a “No Diamond,” they can’t blame Chap (87 yards, three touchdowns).

Perhaps he felt he had to set an example for the rest of the team by making a mistake he didn’t make.

Meeting only defensive players was necessary

The two games into the season seem a bit early for a player-only team meeting, but in this case, it was justified.

Defense collapsed in the last quarter of each of the first two games, surrendering 17 points and two big TD catches on the covers, one for 75 yards for Robbie Anderson against the Panthers and one for 66 points for Corey Davis versus the Jets.

But it was more than that. Their defensive backs were dangerously close to pointing, and it was time to quickly nip that in the bud and stick together.

When Denzel Ward said on Monday “it wasn’t my cover” he seemed to implicate someone else. But I think more than anything, he was defending himself from criticism on Twitter and through Pro Football Focus, which gave him a score of 33.5, the worst in the team. The site credited him with giving up four on four goals for 106 yards and two TDs, and allowing Joe Flacco with a perfect rating of 158.3.

When you stated that he was only targeted once and the 66-yard was not his responsibility, I doubt he meant to throw a teammate under the bus, because that’s not how Ward, a high-profile player, rolls. But his comments inadvertently stuck a 66-yarder on Grant Delpit, who looked understandably upset when he jumped on his Zoom call with the media on Monday.

Therefore, it was important for the defense to get it out from behind closed doors and purify the air.

Defensive full-backs are a tight-knit group, and they know they need to stick together. They are talented enough to be one of the best defensive backyards in the NFL once they correct their calling issues.

I also don’t think just getting players together should be one suggestion and action. Garrett called several such meetings last season, and they seemed to help.

Amari Cooper and Jeremiah Oso Kuramuah also spoke on impeachment day

Tuesday was a day to cleanse the souls of Brown’s team, a day when many players made mistakes to hold themselves accountable and turn things around.

Cooper said the kick to the side “was my play to do” and that Owusu-Kuramoah took the blame for the surprise cover on holding TD’s 10-yard catch at Breece Hall at halftime that tied the game at 14.

If all goes as planned, Brown won’t have four or five guys to admit mistakes the day after the match, but it was nice to see them face the music as Stefansky did.

“That’s all we can do,” Chubb said. “We can’t point fingers, because we all took part in it, and we all played a part in what happened collectively as a team. Everyone has something to do with it.”

If the coordinators had been available in this short week, they would undoubtedly have done the same, with defensive coordinator Joe Woods accepting responsibility for the defensive breakdown, and special teams coordinator Mike Braver answering for a mock kick that resulted in a TD, an extra point missed and a losing side kick.

Brown prides himself on attention to detail, but they obviously have to take it a few notches in this department.

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