Oklahoma Football vs Kansas State FAQ: Adrian Martinez, The Big 12 and more

The Urgent Oklahoma Looking forward to keep the momentum going reverse Kansas State WildcatsHere is a preview of OU’s opponent, Jon Morse from Bring On the Cats.

1. There was hope that Adrian Martinez would benefit from the change of scenery, but he faced his own battles against Tulane. What seems to be holding him back?

I obviously can’t speak to his headspace, but it sure sounds like a fear. Martinez was known for taking many risks that transformed Nebraska. He has not yet directed the ball at K-State, but he also flatly refuses to throw the ball down in clearly designed pass passes when the receivers are open.

In his post-match press conference and presence earlier in the week, Chris Kleiman spoke out about it publicly, saying they should get him to “not rip” and if he makes a mistake he’s making a mistake. So we’ll see how that works in the future.

2. OU fans are clearly familiar with Deuce Vaughn, but what other skill player do you think has the best chance of making an impact on Saturday?

Malik Knowles is the most talented player on the team above 5’7″. Of course, you’re also familiar with him since he’s been here since the Carter administration.

3. The defense was clearly not a problem. What is the biggest key to success in this aspect?

I could go on for days on this one. The first is the obvious one: K-State had a great defensive line last year, great support last year, and great angles last year. Almost all of them are back this year.

However, the key to the coaching device is that having to safely reload completely – four transitions or new players in depth and two previous backups – worked perfectly. Sensei Mason and T.J. Smith are the leftovers, but Kobe Savage, Josh Hayes, Drake Cheattom, and VJ Payne were all great.

K-State has always been known for forcing spins, of course, but seven interceptions in three games? That’s too hot.

4. Speaking of defense, which player should the OU fans be watching as they watch the game this weekend?

Oh my God, so many. The most influential player is Felix Anudike-Uzomah, who will spend the entire game in the background of the OU if not dealt with. But if it was, Eli Huggins would spend the entire game there, so it’s going to be an unpleasant experience.

5. A year after 2021 announced OU and Texas heading to SEC. Are K-State fans feeling better about the future than they did at this time last year?

I mean, K-State fans seemed to have a feeling we’d be okay no matter what happened, one way or the other. I think we mostly blamed UT for the defection, and the anger towards the OU was more irritating than losing the competition, which has actually been very good for the past 30 years. We’re 10-14 against the OU in that period, more wins than any other member of the Big 12 except for Texas… who had one more win despite having had OU play every year from 1996-2010 instead of twice every four.

I know OU fans don’t view K-State as a “competition” in the sense that they’re dealing with Texas and OSU and that’s understandable, but it would be a real shame to lose this game after leaving the OU.

6. Say something nice about the University of Oklahoma.

I was in a match at Owen Stadium, and the experience on and off the field is fantastic. Having Campus Corner really there is a blast and contrary to the way they sometimes act online, OU fans were very friendly to us.

Shame K-State chose that game to go as it was in 1985, but this was a “wait we don’t have a quarterback” year, so…

7. How do you see this happening? Does K-State have a real chance of attracting another disturbance in the series?

Between Martinez’s struggles and the Wildcat defense, this might be the least scored K-State/OU we’ve seen in a long time. I can’t predict the outcome, because if Klein and Kleiman can convince Martinez to tone down the attack, things might open up. I think there’s a better chance that K-State will blow up an OU than the other way around, but I think there’s a better chance of winning an OU in a low score affair.