Ohio State’s CJ Stroud looks like the best pick in the NFL Draft

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For the past few years, my “Six From Saturday” notes have been included at the bottom of my MMQB column on Monday mornings. This year, they will be published as a separate post each week.

Here are my thoughts on college action this weekend, geared mostly toward what NFL fans should be interested in.

1) Saturday night in an unspeakable game between the Big 10 and MAC, Ohio State QB CJ Stroud — by the level of his throws, ball position, and ability to buy time for himself to find an all-star crew of receivers — seemed like the first choice in the draft. He’s going to have to be a lot more consistent to get there, of course, but his play just highlighted, to me, how we haven’t seen these kinds of shows yet at this early stage of the college season from the supposed first group. Check the numbers from Saturday.

  • Alabama QP Bryce Young (versus Louisiana Monroe): 13 of 18, 236 yards, three TDs, two INTs.
  • Kentucky QB Will Levis (versus Youngstown): 27 of 35, 377 yards, two TDs, two INTs.
  • Miami QB Tyler Van Dyck (versus Texas A&M): 21 of 41, 217 yards.
  • Florida QP Anthony Richardson (versus South Florida): 10 of 18, 112 yards, two intelligences.