Notre Dame football news: Marcus Freeman updates media ahead of Cal game

Notre Dame Irish Fighting Head coach Marcus Freeman checked in to the media on Thursday after last week’s loss to Marshall Thunder Heard. Freeman kept the focus on execution, moving forward, and an Irish “critical eye”.

Garrett Patterson: Pain and Practice

On the standing of the Irish offensive lineman recovering from a foot injury, Freeman said: “He’s been fantastic. He’s had a great week of training. I don’t know if I can sit here and say he feels one hundred percent. That will be something over time that will feel better. Better over time, but he’s a warrior and he really competed with his tail last week and had a great week of training; he’s been a great leader for our group. I expect him to play really well on Saturday.”

48 hours until game day

Of the Irish coaches preparing after frustration and before a fresh start, Freeman said: “I think match plans are in place and now it’s really about making sure we know exactly what we want to accomplish and that our players know exactly what we’re looking for and so, we just had a meeting, and as I told these guys, it’s about us as coaches to make sure our players know exactly what we want, why we want it, and have the ability to go out and do the he-she.So, if there’s any gray area between now and Saturday, get rid of it; step up the pack, but This is going to be about making sure we give our players the best chance to go out there and achieve success with the ability to go out and execute because they know exactly what they’re doing and what we expect of them.”

Take on all defense

Freeman said of the Golden Bears’ unique threat, “They give you two different looks. They’ll play three times, but they’ll also get four late.” Freeman pointed to Cal’s “house” nose guard, Ricky Correa, and said, “It would be difficult to move it and they are an aggressive unit.” He went on to say that midfielder Jackson Sirmon, as the son of Golden Bears defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon, “knows exactly what to expect and I’m sure he’s a quarterback in that defence.”

Defense reset

Freeman said regarding what doesn’t get recognized in training camp and then gets revealed in season, “I think he’s going to face a different opponent. When you’re training for something for twenty days against the same opponent, you slowly start to discover each other and what good things and things aren’t.” Suddenly, she faces an opponent and says… There was a lack of execution this is playing in this is Attitude, that’s what you have to see all season. You really have to take a deep look and take an honest and realistic look at “what are the problems?”

Explaining that this is the main message he is trying to send to players and coaches, he continued, “We cannot let the score dictate the critical eye we should have while evaluating matches, and in practice. Sometimes, we allow the outcome of a play or the outcome of a game to hide The reality of what happens in terms of play-by-play or position-by-position.”

Focus on the fourth quarter?

In terms of maintaining a strategic perspective and keeping in mind the focus on the fourth-quarter GPS numbers, Freeman said, “I think if you look at the Oklahoma The game you looked at Ohio State The game, even if you look at a Marshall match, you can get distracted in the fourth quarter and say “Well, we’re not done.” More “focus on the big picture” after the Marshall game.

Freeman said, “The GPS numbers don’t tell a great story in terms of why we didn’t win the game. But to me, it’s more than that throughout the whole game, where there are the plays we don’t do that can really dictate the outcome. It’s not Only the fourth quarter.

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