Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman talks about QB’s transfer gate

our ladyThe 24-17 win over Cale was very significant – but it didn’t necessarily inspire much confidence in Drew Payne by the Irish as they prepared North Carolina Tar Heels this week. The Connecticut youngster finished the game 17-24 for 150 yards and twice, but his early struggles left nearly everyone ready to smash the panic button.

It was an awkward situation in the first half, one that had already brought up the matter of the Transfer Gate. Marcus said they took a pass to chase QB into the gate during the holiday period.

“We discussed it properly when we became the head coach. I had conversations with coach Reese about it. We felt at that moment that we didn’t need to move to college.”

With Notre Dame’s inexperienced, and injury history for Tyler Buchner (who has now left the season due to injury) it really does seem like a bad decision in hindsight. Most of the gate’s discussions during the holiday period revolved around the spacious reception location (which ND didn’t get) but it was likely the QB room that really needed a talent boost.

When Freeman was pressed about next season and if the Irishman was going to dive into the gate to move to the middle, he wasn’t committed.

“That’s something we’ll talk about after the season and see where Tyler Buchner comes back from injury. We have a long season ahead. We still have nine guaranteed games to assess Drew, Steve Angeli and Ronnie Paulus. If that’s the position of need we need to go to and get the high school quarterback. Or get the midfielder, we’ll definitely evaluate that.”

Of course, there’s still a chance that QB CJ Carr’s room will be added in the fall if the 5-star QB decides to reclassify – but that may still not be enough in 2023 as Carr won’t be able to score in the spring.

For the remainder of the season, Freeman has expressed faith in Drew Payne’s ability, and expects him to continue to improve and stabilize in the Irish.

“I think he can open the passing match. I think he can open the passing game. He has a strong arm, but what we were trying to do on Saturday is get what we have to do to win. That’s what we ended up doing. But hopefully the second half is indicative.” Best for who Drew Payne is. He’s a passionate guy and sometimes that can be the biggest challenge for you. When you look at the beginning of the game I think maybe he’s sometimes so excited, so anxious that he’s been throwing a little less than he normally does or maybe even higher A little bit than he normally does because of the game. To calm down and like, “Drew, go play, go play, do the things I’ve done to get you to this point, and go play.” Seeing him settle down, turn and run, I’m thinking of catching the 3rd and 3rd place Lorenzo Styles And throw the ball away from the defender. Those little things, man, just take the passes they gave you and there were a couple early in the game we were missing. I have great confidence that Drew is managing that attack and being able to throw the ball down if we need to, Depending on what the defense does and make the right decisions Yeh”.

The complete Freeman piston is available below.