Nolan Henderson of Delaware rises in FCS team rankings for fourth week

An impressive weekend break from Delaware’s Nolan Henderson makes him the biggest rookie in the FCS team rankings this week, with some changes rocking the bottom half of the top 10.

I’ve gone through all the games, highlights and stats and created a top 10 list that ranks the best quarterbacks in FCS so far. This ranking of the top 10 FCS quarterbacks evaluates quarterbacks from their performance this season, taking into account each game. Here are some – but not all – of the criteria evaluated:

  • Count stats (yardage and touchdown)
  • Completion rate
  • competition quality
  • performance under pressure
  • clutch
  • Impulse ability
  • Wins

Having said that, let’s move on to the top ten.

Top 10 FCS midfielders enter Week 4

1. Lindsey Scott Jr. | UIW | Previous: 1

Lindsey Scott Jr. holds the top spot for another week after completing 32 passes of 43 (74 percent) for 272 yards and three touchdowns. Scott leads the nation in passing efficiency and has defeated two post-season 2021 teams and an FBS opponent to start 2022.

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2. Tim Demorat | Fordham | Previous: 2

If I could make 1a-1b at the top of the list, Tim DeMorat would be 1b. That’s how great he has been this year. DeMorat had another great game in Week 3, completing 33 of 53 passes (62 percent) for 464 yards and five touchdowns, connecting to nine different receivers. The only thing stopping DeMorat from moving to the top is the level of competition, as his opponents have combined in 2022 to win one game so far. The level of competition will change in Week 4 when DeMorat faces off against FBS Ohio.

3. Shader Sanders | Jackson State | Previous: 3

The dominant second half helps Schedur Sanders stay in the top three quarterbacks in Week 4. After Sanders turned the ball for the first time this season in the first half, he responded by leading his team to a 45-7 run in the second half. . He finished the day in the middle of the fourth quarter with 357 passing yards and four touchdowns on 22 of 34 passers (65 percent). Sanders also ran two touchdowns, bringing his week three total to six, the highest in his career.

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4. Jason Shelley | Missouri | Previous: 7

Jason Shelley played an outstanding game against FBS No. 10 in Arkansas, finishing 24 of 43 (56 percent) through the air for 357 yards and touchdown, adding the score on the ground. While Shelley and Missouri State couldn’t shake off the FCS-over-FBS turmoil, he and the Bears pushed the Razorbacks over the edge, leading into the fourth quarter.

5. Nolan Henderson | Delaware | Previous: 10

If Nolan Henderson played just one half against Rhode Island’s top 15 contender, he probably would have put enough on the bar to raise the roster. That’s how Henderson played well, passing for 315 yards and four touchdowns in the first half. He finished the day 29 of 34 (85 percent) for 379 yards and four touchdowns, a career high. Any questions can be asked about whether Henderson will return to post-injury formation to the side.

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6. Matthew Sloka | Holy Cross | Previous: 4

It wasn’t an amazing day for Matthew Sluka, but it was a good day. Sluka defeated Yale, completed 16 of 20 passes (80 percent) for 249 yards and two touchdowns, and rushed for another touchdown. As Holy Cross came close to winning 38-14, Sluka was rolling.

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7. Lucas Johnson | Montana | Previous: 5

Montana tackled Indiana State en route to a 49-14 win, as Lucas Johnson completed 18 of 30 passes (60 percent) for 232 yards and three touchdowns. Johnson added a quick touchdown in the win, and Montana looks like a championship-caliber team with him at the helm.

8. Darius Wilson | William and Mary | Previous: 8

Darius Wilson may not have the garish numbers from week to week like some of the other quarterbacks on this list, but he gets the job done in the most important place – the winning column. In Week 3, Wilson completed 16 of 23 passes (70 percent) for 194 yards, throwing one touchdown and one interception. He also added 38 rushing yards as William and Mary raced for another win.

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9. Parker McKinney | Eastern Kentucky | Previous: NR

Parker McKinney makes his top 10 quarterback debut after completing 20 of 29 passes (69 percent) for 342 yards and four touchdowns. McKinney ranks fourth in the nation in passes and touchdowns after an impressive start to the season.

10. Gunner Talkington | East Washington | Previous: 9

Gunner Talkington had a farewell week in Week 3. When Talkington returns to play, he’ll need to look like he’s more in the Week 1 win than he was in the Week 2 loss to hold onto the top 10.

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Spots 10-20

Here are the next ten off the list:

(listed alphabetically by last name)

  • Charles Davis | West Carolina
  • Mike DeLillo | Austin B
  • Zvi Eckhaus | Bryant
  • Michael Herz | Samford
  • Tel Qassem | Rhode Island
  • Maverick McIvor | Abilene Christian
  • Matthew McKay | Which color
  • Davidus Richard | North Central Carolina
  • Conor Watkins | Villanova
  • Win dresser | Utah Martin

Davis Richards has gained the most momentum of any quarterback outside the top ten over the past few weeks. I currently have Richard as the top 13 quarterback in the FCS based on his performance so far during his undefeated start in North Carolina Central.

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Carlos Davis slipped off the top 10 this week due to missing week three due to injury, but his attack scored 77 points without him. Matthew McKay is the newcomer to the top 20 as Jacksonville State’s Zion Webb dropped out of the top 20.