No potential customers are safe but losing TD in the game is real

Kevin Stefansky forgot to call “No Mas!” And Nick Chubb’s tournaments two years ago shed his memory as well, as he waved a defender and sprinted into the finish zone with his third run on Sunday.

This 12-yard hit put Brown 30-17 on the Jets just before the two-minute warning, but what followed was one of the biggest meltdowns in NFL history, one that could have been avoided had Stefansky remembered Chubb’s reminder to give himself a shot if he had. On the first time in 2 so they can run out of the clock.

That’s what happened on November 15, 2020, when Champion Chubb was hailed for ignoring personal stats, and the point and confirmed score spread when he veered across the border shy of the goal line after a deceptive 59 yards so Brown could do it. Close creak from 10 to 7 over Texas by several knees.

Chubb had a clear path to the finish zone that day but with the timeout from Texas he heeded Stefankey’s advice – code named “No Mas” – to give himself up if he got the first hit so they could walk away with a win.

Not this time.