NMA – Champions League MD-2 Fantasy UCL Player Picks

Group stage where the brave are rewarded. It’s also where you can take a risk and still be unharmed. As other fantasy directors slowly discover who constitutes the core of their teams, the early adopters will be the ones setting the pace. Are you a game?


Thibaut Courtois (6 million euros, Real Madrid against RB Leipzig)

The always-reliable Belgian earned a nod at his fellow premium-priced goalkeepers for his impeccable save percentage, as well as Real Madrid’s usual clean sheets. In his next three Champions League matches, he faces RB Leipzig followed by a double-header against Shakhtar Donetsk. Both teams can excel on the offensive line, but I would expect Real Madrid’s pedigree to comfortably carry the team on the goal line.


Jan Oblak (€5.5 million, Leverkusen vs Atletico)

Atletico Madrid Defense first mentality, combined with the fact that Atletico face Leverkusen – who are second in the Bundesliga – makes Oblak a prime choice for a potential clean sheet. It would also be a relatively safe choice against Club Brugge and thus even MD-6, due to the reversal of formulations.


Joao Cancelo (6.5 million euros, Manchester against Dortmund)

Although he is a defender by trade, the number 7 jersey is a good fit for Joao Cancelo. He is almost always in the opponent’s half, dribbling, crossing and forming. He’s not even afraid to lose a resume or two. What we see is his assists from last time, but he also collected nine points from ball recovery and clean sheets. It must be.


Sergio Ramos (5 million euros, Maccabi Haifa vs. Paris)

Ramos is part of the attractive Paris Saint-Germain squad that face small group H Maccabi Haifa. The Parisians must be in control of possession, so retrieving the ball will be an important metric for their defenders, on top of the expected clean sheet.


Reneldo (€4.5 million, Leverkusen vs Atletico)

Building on last season’s image of Reinildo as a ball-recovering dealer, he is now a mainstay in Atletico’s defense and is a bargain at this price. Just as with Oblak, a clean sheet against Leverkusen appears assured.


Giovanni Di Lorenzo (5 million euros, Rangers vs. Naples)

It is the basis of the high-octane football brand of Napoli, as shown to the world LiverpoolNo time is wasted getting the ball back. Napoli didn’t keep a clean sheet, but Lorenzo’s owners didn’t care much due to his impressive 12-ball recovery.



Wesley Fofana (5 million euros, Chelsea against Salzburg)

“Lorenzo got 12 ball recoveries? Hold Bertie.”

Chelsea opponents Salzburg prefer quick breaks to dominant possession, which could give Chelsea’s defense more than a few chances to recover the balls.


Nuno Tavares (4 million euros, Marseille against Frankfurt)

Similar to struggling Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt is still looking for a previous level in the European League, suffering 11 times.The tenth in the German League. Frankfurt have a total of only two shots on target in their last two games. This means that a clean net from Marseille is very possible. Oddly enough, full-back Nuno Tavares is Marseille’s second-best scorer this season.

Huge differential?


Piotr Zieliński (7 million euros, Rangers vs Naples)

Liverpool fans, look away. This man wreaked havoc on the ‘pool’s backline, as he scored two goals in addition to a assist. He also has three goals as well as four assists in the seven Napoli matches he has played so far. Can Rangers stop Napoli led by Zelensky? I wouldn’t bet on it.


Vinicius Jr (10 million euros, Real Madrid against RB Leipzig)

Vinicius Jr. has been tasked with leading Real Madrid’s attack against RB Leipzig, with attacking partner Benzema mysteriously sitting out for a spell on the sidelines. He is Madrid’s top scorer with five out of seven. Will look to build on that in Champions League. Meanwhile, Leipzig will look to recover and play with more adventure under new coach Rose, leaving spaces that Vinicius can exploit.


Kevin De Bruyne (10.5 million euros, Manchester against Dortmund)

He is City’s most expensive midfield player but also the most impervious to Pepe Roulette. Finally, the global playmaker has partnered with a global finalist, already making five goals in eight matches across all competitions. Dortmund and the subsequent double header against Copenhagen are attractive combinations to get some bang for your buck.



Khafesha Kvaratskhelia (€5.5 million, Rangers vs Naples) – Four goals plus assists in seven games, and he should have scored at least two more against Liverpool.

Muhammad Karim (5 million euros, Liverpool vs. AjaxPlaying with the Rangers defense, his strength and ball control gave him 14 points with goal and assist.

angel belt (€7.5 million, Leverkusen vs Atletico) – usually enters during the second half and finishes the match as an excellent sub-player. He pumps out speed and energy that can reward well against the unfortunate Leverkusen team.

André Frank Zambo Anguise (7 million euros, Rangers vs Naples) – If you haven’t filled your Naples quota yet, this is your last call! He has the power to bully defenders, the knack for a 360-second spin, and the precision to beat Alisson in his close position.


Erling Haaland (11 million euros, Manchester against Dortmund)

The Norwegian goal machine is on a mission – to become the leading scorer of the best football competition out there, the Champions League. The 22-year-old has 25 goals in 20 Champions League games, stats unheard of even in the era of Messi and Ronaldo. He has 10 goals in 6 matches in the Premier League, 2 on match day against Sevilla, and will lick his lips to open his account against his former employer Borussia Dortmund.


Kylian Mbappe (€11 million, Maccabi Haifa vs Paris)

Another torchbearer in the post-Messi and Ronaldo era alongside Haaland, Kylian Mbappe will want to outdo his rival and set goals in the crosshairs of Maccabi Haifa. Although Neymar is outdone domestically, Mbappe appears to shine the most on the bigger stage.



Neymar (10 million euros, Maccabi Haifa vs. Paris) – Balloon seems to have suddenly crossed his mind. Ten (10) goals and seven (7) assists in 9 matches. Yes, you read that correctly.

Edin Dzeko (€7.5 million, Viktoria Plzen vs Inter) – Makes the most of the match time in Lukaku’s absence. He threatened to score against Bayern Munich on multiple occasions.

Antoine Griezmann (9 million euros, Leverkusen vs Atletico) – Due to individual contractual obligations, his playing time is limited and only comes to 30 minutes or so per match. Half an hour just to prove your worth? There is no pressure on Griezmann.

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