NL contender hints at bidding for Yankees .’s Aaron Judge

this time next year, Aaron Judge Can sit on the bay pier.

The New York Yankees defensive player unacceptable a Seven-year contract worth $213.5 million Before opening day It will reach the open market after the 2022 World Championships.

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Among the teams that are expected to tour the 30-year-old Slugger are giants. So the president of San Francisco Farhan Zaidi This week he was asked about trying to sign with the judge, who is a Bay Area native. for every San Francisco Chronicle:

“Do you think you will have the support of the monarchy, which has the money, to go after the big-name free agents like the big fellow in New York?”

Al-Zaidi laughed and said sarcastically, “Isn’t it too early for me to ask?”

Honestly, no it isn’t. The judge is on his way to winning the The best player in the American League get through walking season Throughout the ages. Leads the disciplines in home runs (57) And the RBI (123)which is legitimate Triple Crown A threat thanks to his better career .310 hit average.

Without naming names, Al-Zaidi hinted that the giants would be Make a call.

“That would be a big vacation for us. We have a payroll room because we are a big market, and we have contracts that expire this off season. So there will be a lot of good options for us. … We will not focus on anyone, whether it is through free agency. Or trade. We will be looking to improve because the way this season has gone is clearly unacceptable to any of us.”

during the Weekend, USA TODAY Bob Nightingale She reported, “The San Francisco Giants are another team that’s vowing to spend big in the off-season, with only $96.5 million in the books next year. They want to have one of the prized short stops in the market if they can’t catch the big fish, Aaron Judge.” “.

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The judge, for his part, has endearing himself To the fan base in San Francisco. last week , San Francisco Chronicle I mentioned the judge believes Barry Bonds Do you “Lawful“Champion for one season at home.

“Oh, yes,” said the judge. “This is the record. I watched him do it. I stayed up late watching him do it. This is the record. Nobody can take that from him.”

When asked about it by the judge doubleaccording to New York Post.

“The record is the record. That’s what I go for. I watched him as a kid flip the ball in the bay so easily. That hasn’t changed.”

The judge hopes to become the sixth player in Hit at least 60 home runs in a season.

73: Barry Bonds2001

70: Mark McGuire1998

66: Sami Sousa1998

65: Mark McGuire, 1999

64: Sammy Sousa, 2001

63: Sami Sousa 1999

61: Roger Maris1961

60: Babe Ruth1927

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