NFL – Week Two Fantasy Football They Start, Sit | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

  • many of rams Players must be in imaginary starting formations, led by start running backward Daryl Henderson Thanks to the favorable match against the Hawks.
  • chargers WR second year Josh Palmer He must have a comprehensive role Kenan Allen He is injured and should see plenty of chances in a high-scoring match against Chiefs.
  • Invoices tight end Dawson Knox It was held in a quiet week 1 but should bounce back without major issues against the Titans.

Deciding who will start or sit can be as easy as looking at a PFF Categories And start the player ranked higher. This start’em, sit’em column digs a step deeper, looking at why someone you might normally start with might not have a good week, or why someone might have a good week. In many cases, the usual starters should be a star, but we want to explore the frontier players as well.

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Matthew the employeeAnd the Los Angeles Rams
  • The Rams have the second lowest passing score as a team, but they face the Hawks, who have the fourth lowest passing dash score.
  • The Falcons also had the lowest passing dash scores as last season’s team.
  • Stafford had an overall PFF score of 93.7 when he stayed clean last season, with 8.3 yards per attempt and landing on 7% of his throws.
  • He’s facing the defense of the hawks he had Fifth most coverage error In the first week.
  • Falcons All Pro Cornback A.J. Terrell Lined up in both the right and left corner last week but didn’t go into the slot.
  • A wide receiver from Ramez All Pro cooper cup He spends more than half of his shots in the hatch.
Derek CarrAnd the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Kar has second best The match for quarterback this week.
  • He’s facing the defense of the Cardinals he had Third most coverage error The first week and allowed the most points for the fictional quarterback last week.
  • Carr had the most success last week in attacking midfield, completing 12 of 13 passes for 161 yards.
  • The Cardinals allowed 18 of 20 passes to be caught mid-field for 210 yards.


Tree LanceAnd the San Francisco 49ERS
  • Lance finished at QB27 in the first week.
  • Much of Lance’s imaginative value comes from his ability to drive.
  • He’s jostled 25% of the plays when he’s under pressure compared to 7.4% when he’s not.
  • The Seahawks had the third lowest passing dash score as a team in 2021.
  • Best passes in Seattle in the first week were Oceana Nosu, who had one cyst, one and three were hurriedly wounded. He was the only Seahawks to tackle with a double-digit dash and a PFF dash score above 70.
  • Most of Nwosu’s shots will be against Trent Williamsthe fifth highest pass blocking left in the past three seasons.
KIRK COUSINSAnd the Minnesota Vikings
  • He has the eighth worst The match for quarterback this week.
  • Cousins’ completion rate drops from 75.3% to 45.9% when under stress. Likewise, his big time throw rate dropped from 5.7% to 3.6%.
  • The Vikings’ inner offensive streak has had a combined 43.5-passing score over the past two seasons, the third lowest in the league.
  • The Eagles’ inside defenses have an 84.9 dash average over the past two seasons, the third highest.
  • His highest receiver Justin Jefferson He’s made first touchdowns on 18.3% of his ways against the men’s defenses compared to 9.8% against the area over the past two seasons.
  • Al-Nusour achieved the sixth largest coverage in the region’s defense since the beginning of 2021.

running back


Daryl HendersonAnd the Los Angeles Rams
  • Henderson finished in the RB21 last week.
  • He had the third most offensive plays last week, hitting 55.
  • Henderson ran the ball 13 times last week while the rest of the Rams only handled five campaigns. He has also been tied for the second highest number of receptions on the team with five times.
  • He has a fourth best The match for running backwards this week.

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