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NFL Players Face Make-or-Break Games in Week 3

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    Joe Borough won’t live up to the hype in 2022 (Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

    The NFL is “what you did to me lately”. It also means “not for long” if the player is not performing.

    As players earn positions in the training camp and pre-season, coaches are constantly evaluating their rosters. Two weeks into the season, employees across the league can begin to get an idea of ​​who is getting the job done and who might need a smaller role.

    The idea isn’t to make any rash decisions, but the three-week sample size is enough to see the trend. These players are off to a rough start and need to turn things around quickly in Week 3 before their teams can start looking to get them out of the game plan or their public perceptions take a hit.

CB Anthony Brown, Dallas Cowboys

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    The opposing teams were choosing Anthony Brown for coverage. (Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

    The Dallas Cowboys battled for their hard-earned victory against the Cincinnati Bengals to avoid a 0-2 start with Dak Prescott left out of the squad. If they’re going to keep winning while in the middle away from home, they’ll have to keep playing light defence.

    It looks like Dan Quinn’s unit is on its way to being in the top 10 defense in the league once again. Micah Parsons should be the front-runner for Defensive Player of the Year and they just kept the Bengals under 200 yards.

    However, High School is only as good as its weakest link and the weak link is clearly Anthony Brown at the moment.

    Starting against Tryvon Diggs, he has overshadowed Brown but has been a burden so far this season. He’s one of the most targeted defensive backs in two weeks, allowing 13 completed runs on 19 goals for 160 yards and two touchdowns over two games.

    He’s on track to give away 110 catches, 1,360 yards, and eight touchdowns in the season. This is basically All-Pro season for whoever has it covered week to week.

    To be fair, the Bucs and Bengals both have a deep reception corps, so Brown had to cover the likes of Mike Evans, Julio Jones, T. Higgins and Jamar Chase.

    This week, the Giants are on tap and Brown has no reason not to come up with much better coverage stats. The Giants might be 2-0 but their top receivers were Ritchie James and Sterling Shepherd.

    If Brown still routinely beats, the Cowboys will have to consider other options.

QB Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Cooper Neal / Getty Images

    This is not an exciting experience that Joe Borough is not the answer in the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. This is something Burrow and the Bengals will have to figure out very quickly if this is going to be anything other than a lost season.

    Zac Taylor’s side wouldn’t be the first team to suffer a serious hangover after losing the Super Bowl, but Burrow’s death was dramatic.

    Through two games, he threw more interceptions (four) than touchdowns (three) while taking 13 sacks and leading an attack that scored only 37 points in two losses.

    The defense does its job. They have only conceded 43 points in two games. With the Bengals’ talent in attack, that should be enough to be 2-0. However, the Bengals enter their Week 3 match with the New York Jets in search of their first win.

    Much of the blame deservedly was put up front in Burrow’s first two years. However, the Bengals have done a lot to upgrade this off-season streak and Burrow is still on track to lead the league in sacks taken.

    At some point, he has to adapt and get rid of the ball faster and get that attack back on track.

Edge Chandler Jones, Las Vegas Raiders

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    AP Photo / John Loescher

    It turns out that the Las Vegas Raiders’ addition of Davante Adams was a pivotal offensive development in 2022. Chandler Jones didn’t have the same effect on defense.

    Jones was supposed to pair up with Maxx Crosby to form an elite rushing duo. Crosby postpones his end of the deal 12 pressures Through two games. Jones has only four in the same time period.

    You hardly know he was playing based on his base streak. He has five interventions with one for loss and without bags.

    However, he is constantly in the field. he scored 89.6% From defensive shots so far.

    There are many reasons why the Conquistadors go off to start 0-2, but the lack of a passing dash is a stark one. Kyler Murray was able to extend several plays in Week 2 and they failed to fire Justin Herbert in the season opener.

    If the raiders are going to pull themselves out of the hole this early season, the defense must be able to put pressure on the quarterback.

    Chandler Jones received a three-year, $51 million contract to tackle the problem this season. He needs to start to live with it in week three against the Tennessee Titans.

Edge Yannick Njakwe, Indianapolis Colts

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    AP Photo / Eric Christian Smith

    Chandler Jones was quiet in Las Vegas, but Yannick Njakwe couldn’t find a way to influence his new team either.

    Yannick Njakwe played 106 defensive kicks (75 percent) and only has single press (Blow quarterback) to show her.

    Unlike Jones, the Indianapolis Colts have not committed anything financially to Ngakoue’s long-term future. His contract expires this season and the club has not agreed to an extension.

    ponies 27 in compression ratio And 22 in the rush win rate. The items are there for them to develop a nasty bitter rush, but Ngakoue must be a part of it.

    Against Washington’s leaders, Trevor Lawrence pressured 24.4 percent of his dropouts and made nine poor throws, according to the Pro Football reference data. Against the Colts in Week 2, he pressed only on 13.3 percent of his drop points and had no bad throws.

    That’s the difference in the Colts’ star-passing lane being unable to go home. If the ponies are going to turn things around, it will be because Ngakoue starts playing more effectively or they find someone to take some of his shots.

OT Matt Pryor, Indianapolis Colts

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    Matt Pryor is just one of several struggling Colts. (David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

    There are actually quite a few Indianapolis Colts who could be included in this list.

    The club looked like a South Asian favorite on paper but initially faltered 0-1-1 with a draw with the Houston Texans and a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    There is a lot of blame for the team’s suffering, but the offensive line is the most important. The group gave up the pressure 29.2 percent As a result, Matt Ryan’s downing and passing game suffered.

    The most obvious part of any offensive line is letting go so it’s a good place to start for colt issues.

    Matt Prior got off to a poor start while rotating rookie Bernard Rayman. Pryor log file PFF score 58.6 With one bag allowed in 115 shots. In contrast, Raimann owns a file 73.2 degrees Over 31 snaps.

    In some cases, the ponies have no answer. Braden Smith has the right intervention, but there is no clear alternative to him.

    There for Pryor and he’ll find out if his protection doesn’t improve much against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3.

QB Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

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    Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

    The Denver Broncos gave up a bounty of recruiting picks, two veterans and Drew Locke to get Russell Wilson in this season. They will need to start seeing returns quickly if they are to be satisfied with the move.

    The Broncos offense was not at all serious with Wilson’s lead.

    They are 24 in scoring as Wilson scored -3.7 more completion percentage than expected, per next generation statsand threw twice only to land for one interception.

    Fortunately, the running game and the Broncos defense were contributing forces to the 16-9 win over the Texans. Wilson completed 14 of 31 pass attempts for 219 yards.

    The veteran midfielder still holds the faith of his teammates. Randy Gregory defended him after his second week win. Tell Nick Cosmider From the athlete:

    “I have complete confidence in him. I know everyone wants to play on some of the problems we’ve had over the past couple of weeks, but this is at the start of the season. He’s probably one of the best pros we have in this room in terms of correction and self-exploration, so I have complete faith in him. “.

    Wilson gained this confidence from what he did in his career. But he will have to start showing results to continue creating that belief in Denver.