New York Jets start touching 2 rally in the last two minutes with the help of Cleveland Browns slips

CLEVELAND – The New York Jets scored one of the most unbelievable victories in recent NFL history, building on a string of Cleveland Browns errors in the last two minutes on Sunday at First Energy Stadium – nothing greater than Nick ChubbThe drop that shouldn’t have been.

The Jets scored twice in the last 82 seconds to take a 31-30 win, becoming the first team in 21 years to overcome a 13-point deficit in the last two minutes to win the match. The Chicago Bears did that against Brown in 2001.

Jets coach Robert Saleh said the miraculous comeback was a “crazy thing”, a feeling that reverberated throughout the team’s locker room.

“I don’t know where he occupies the center,” said quarterback, “but he’s right there.” Joe Flaccoa 15-year-old veteran who threw four touchdowns, including the game winner, to a wide receiver. Garrett Wilson With 22 seconds left.

Some perspective: From Week 9 of 2002 (the week after the Browns crashed against the Bears) to the first week of the current season, teams lost 2,229 consecutive games when they trailed by at least 13 points in the last two minutes.

It was pure devastation for the Browns, who blew a chance to be 2-0 for the first time since 1993. The packed house went insane when Chubb scored his third with 1:55 from the left, a 12-yard run to make it 30-17. However, he had to stop reaching the end zone. If he had done that, Brown would have run out of clock because the planes had no timeouts left.

The Jets said they were surprised by Chubb’s mental blunder, saying it triggered their feelings. Brown was crushed. Coach Kevin Stefansky took the blame.

“This is the scenario where I have to report this to the group,” he said. “We’ve done that before. Having said that, we need to finish that match.”

Chubb did not commit to speaking with reporters.

back corner DJ Red He was upset with himself that he had missed interfering with Chubb, not realizing that it was the right game.

“I was never happy about a missed intervention in my life,” Saleh said. “This was our only chance.”

From there, the brown burst with a handful of major bugs. kicker Kid York They missed the extra point, and moments later, their high school made a major covering slip. wide future Corey Davis It was left wide open on the 66-yard touchdown lane, making it 30-24 with 1:22 to play.

When I threw it, I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh… you pass for 300 yards and four touchdowns,’ said Flacco, who completed 26 of 44 passes for 307 yards.

Brown’s defensive end Miles Jarrett He said, “This kind of plays is unacceptable. Without a doubt… It’s tough. We stopped defending. I really think the whole team stopped at 11.”

Garrett criticized the home team’s fans as well, saying, “The most frustrating thing was the boos at the end. That wasn’t the perfect ending.”

Next was a kick to the side, which was taken back by the Jets own captain Justin Hardy. the gambler Braden ManHandling staging duties, he paved the side road that was difficult to handle. Planes pounced on him.

“Side kicks with the new rules were very rare,” Saleh said. “Once that happened, there was no doubt that we were scoring as soon as we got the ball.”

The Jets captured the 47-yard streak with 1:20 to play. Flacco was dropping and dunking until third and 10, when he fired a 15-yard shot into Wilson over the middle with 25 seconds left. It capped an amazing day for the former Ohio State star, who had eight assists for 102 yards and two touchdowns.

“They were playing so quietly that I was throwing that ball no matter what,” Flacco said.

It was a great redemption moment for Wilson, who dropped a third pass earlier in the quarter. He said he started celebrating when the side kick was recovered.

“He went completely crazy on the sidelines,” he said. “I didn’t want my exclusion to be the reason for losing the match.”

The aircraft almost gave up the lead. The Browns nearly walked within the field goal range, with a 21-yard shove Jacobi Brisset He put the ball at 46 12 seconds before the end of the game. Then, in the last play, he was intercepted by rarely used safety devices Ashten Davis.

Incredibly, a few Jets players thought the match was tied at that point, thinking York made an extra point. For a fleeting moment, back CJ Moseley He couldn’t understand why Davis slipped to the ground on his return instead of trying for more yards. Reed said he thought the same thing. When I realize they have won, I feel this is even sweeter.

“Oh, my God,” he said, “this game was more like a movie.”

ESPN’s Jake Trotter contributed to this report.