New coach Brian Kelly looks out of place

It just means more.

Southeast Conference.

Capturing $100 million, he is then expected to win a close football match against an unranked opponent in a nationally televised season opener inside the Superdome.

Great Football League in the South.

We can debate again whether Texas is part of the South or is it just Texas.

At the moment, Jimbo Fischer, Steve Sarkissian and Dana Holgorsen won 1-0.

loser from LSU Who was left dazed and confused as the Tigers fell 24-23 to strong Florida Sunday night via an extra point blocked at the last second?

If first impressions are everything, Brian Kelly failed on his Southern debut when the former Notre Dame leader faked an actual accent and mispronounced the one word he doesn’t mess with from Texas to Tennessee: family.

Kelly then fell into an even bigger hole in real life when LSU couldn’t finish the Seminole showdown at the Superdome.

The Tigers became the only team in the almighty SEC with a losing track record. Kelly is reminded again that everything means more in these parts and that the lack of originality is revealed in the end.

“We just have to learn to play the game the right way,” Kelly said, seemingly forgetting the fact that LSU went 15-0 and won a National Championship under Tiger Ed Orgeron just three years ago.

And that Les Miles won a national title at LSU.

And that Nick Saban went 13-1 with a big win over the Sugar Bowl at LSU, before starting to win it all in Alabama.

Florida State linebacker DJ Lundy (46) celebrates his campaign with striker Tremond (52) in the second half of an NCAA college football game in New Orleans, Sunday, September 4, 2022. Florida State won 24-23. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)Gerald Herbert/The Associated Press

Kelly looks really awkward in all that purple. The Tigers trailed 17-3 and 24-10 at home away from home against the Florida State team that didn’t get the top 25 votes. Even with Seminole giving Mike Norville several last-minute LSU holdups, a weary Kelly team stumbled on a 0-1 start that would feel like 0-5 until Tiger wins one.

Even humble Vanderbilt is 2-0 now.

“We haven’t played with that kind of sense of urgency that I want for four quarters, and that was evident in our play,” Kelly said. “We didn’t handle very well. We couldn’t get off the field in third. We didn’t perform well.”

You can get away with that at Notre Dame, where it is annually understood that double-digit winning seasons will culminate with bowl game defeats and the embarrassment of college football.

But in the south? in SEC? Really, unforgiving, winning the big or canned soccer game?

Let’s just say the $100 million coach isn’t allowed to say his team still has to learn how to play the game the right way after the season starts.

Holgorsen is still proving himself in Houston, but the 24th Cougars won an instant classic in San Antonio, recovering from a 21-7 deficit in the fourth quarter and surviving three more times to claim an audacious 37-35 victory over the UTSA at the Roaring Alamodome.

Agee Fisher wasn’t perfect for the 2022 opener. But the shutdown is shutdown, and not even an extended weather delay could get in the way of No.6 business-taking Texas A&M by emptying Sam Houston 31-0.

Quinn Ewers is just beginning to prove himself to the anxious Longhorns faithful and the rest of college football. But 52-10 is 52-10 and in the second year Steve Sarkissian started with a cupcake explosion before he visited Saban and No. 1 Alabama Austin.

Holgorsen should keep Clayton Tune and the University of Houston moving forward, and the Big-12 Cougars caught up in the national conversation.

The Aggies have a lot of money – well, they built a suburban-like theme park near Kyle Field – Fisher is already set up for CFP season or bust.

Sarkissian is 6-7 all the time with Longhorns. He’s been under pressure from day one and the heat will only build up if the other big money team of Texas is eliminated by Tide on Saturday.


One of the most qualified coaches in college football has a lot to learn, and there’s no time to waste actually staring at the sports elite.

Either you have Saban coaching your team or you are trying to find your own version of it.

Kirby Smart’s big prize for knocking out Bama at last year’s CFP tournament? Georgia entered last weekend in third, and should remain behind the tide-ranked Saban, even after torching the 11th at Oregon 49-3.

It just means more here.

You cannot lose at home to unranked teams. Patience is not a virtue. The Tigers play in the same SEC division as Alabama, A&M, Arkansas and Ole Miss, so everything counts and nothing gets overlooked.

Kelly will figure it all out quickly. Or LSU will eventually pay someone else $100 million to be better than a Northerner who faked a bad Southern accent.