Nevada, to resume play at midnight

Iowa and Nevada entered the second lightning delay. After just four minutes and thirty seconds of playing time, lightning has been detected in the area and the game will be at least another 30 minutes away from resuming. The latest lightning strike struck around 11:00 PM, players will return to the field at 11:45 PM to warm up and play will resume at midnight.

The first delay, which lasted 1 hour and 21 minutes, had fans quickly seeking shelter. Players received a 12-minute warm-up period before play resumed in the middle of the third quarter.

Hawkeye’s offense wasn’t great during the first two games, but there were some bright spots on Saturday night. Really rookie Caleb Johnson hit an impressive 40 yards. The big-bodied freshman from Ohio State broke multiple tackles before diving into the end zone to score his first career result.

Lots of criticism this season has been thrown at Iowa State quarterback Spencer Petras, but the third-year player has been constantly putting the ball into the slots for his receivers to hit the ball. This is also the first game where more than two Iowa scholarship recipients are available. Student Keegan Johnson is back in the mix along with senior Nikko Ragini.

Johnson, who has been out all spring and most of the summer/fall training, is the best deep threat in Iowa. Earlier this season, 247Sports praised Johnson for his ability and called him one of the “unicorns in college football.”

“College football fouls love instrument players. Johnson fits that mold perfectly. He is one of the fastest players in the country, regardless of his position, and he got three hits from 40 yards last season as a freshman—like every Iowa player. The other combined. Averaged 19.6 yards per hunt, it’s a big game waiting to happen. It was nice to have the Hawkeyes move him around the field, and given his ability after the hunt, they could collect some packages to use in the background.”

“We made it three days in a row. Keegan [Johnson] Over there, Nico [Ragaini] Back there, and for Brody [Brecht]”It’s his third week,” Iowa coach Kirk Fertens said during his radio show on Wednesday. He played Nico, and that’s encouraging to get him back. I think because he’s played, he’ll come back a lot faster. Keagan hasn’t done anything football with a lot of consistency since last December, but he’s looking good now, so hopefully we’ll have these guys out there.”

Brecht had one reception desk four yards away, but Petras wasn’t afraid to let her fly. If Brecht can continue to cut his timing and develop chemistry with Petras – he could be a great weapon when the conference play accelerates.

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