MSU “sick” after Washington’s loss, and returned to Minnesota

East Lansing, Michigan (Wood) — It’s not often Michigan State coach Mel Tucker sits down with his players to watch the coaches’ version of the game movie.

But he said after them 39-28 loss on Washington Road Saturday, it was necessary.

And early on Monday morning, the team sat down to watch a running tape of the first half. Tucker said his players need to be reminded of the discipline and to play football for free.

“You learn a lot when you see the players playing the games,” Tucker said. “He’s very revealing, so we learn from him and then move on. And it was nice to have our first practice this morning in Minnesota, because we have to go fast and have this game behind us. … It just makes you sick, so you can really Turn the page but you have to move on.”

With the loss, the Spartans withdrew from the AP Top 25 poll where they previously ranked No. 11. Tucker is also losing to the Huskies in person after the Spartans gave up 397 yards and four touchdowns to Washington quarterback Michael Benicks Jr.

“Biography on tape. I’m a (expletive) football coach now,” Tucker said. “That’s honestly how I think about it, so we have to get better.”

Michigan State will prepare for its first Big Ten test against Minnesota this week. The undefeated Gophers will make a trip to Spartan Stadium at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Spartans have not lost a home game since December 2020.