Movie Room: DJ Durkin’s Defense Dominant at Texas A&M’s Season Opening

Losing in every QB fight and recruiting fanfare of the past six months was DJ Durkin’s arrival to take charge of a very talented Texas A&M defense. Jimbo Fisher explained that the new coordinators don’t relate to the new charts and expect the same 4-2-5 rule we’ve seen since 2018. However, let’s look at who the DJ is and what wrinkles the 2022 has in store for his identity on defense.

When the DJ arrived in Be a beauty queen, the level of talent in defense was low, as was their morale and performance. Dworkin isn’t walking the rebuilding stand at Aegeland, the keys to Mercedes have been handed over. Defense is full of talent and a lot of experience in high school. There are playmakers at every level of Aggie’s defense and it’s up to Durkin to maximize their potential and quickly. Fisher is entering a 2-3 year period where expectations are high and the defense must continue at the level played by Mike Elko in order for those expectations to become a reality. Dworkin is certainly capable of doing the job at hand.

Durkin has led some of the nation’s best defenses in Michigan and Florida, and has experience as a head coach in Maryland (beating Texas in Austin). Most recently, he turned an Ole Miss’s rag set into an opportunistic and much-improved defense. I feel like this designation is being a bit overlooked, this is a list full of talent… Let’s take a look at Durkin’s defenses stats when he had this kind of talent previously.

Florida: 2013 – (all stats national), 8th in overall defense, 15th in scoring, 7th in assists.

2014 – Dropped a bit to 15th on aggregate and 20 in defensive scoring, but made up for it by forcing 30 inverted.

Michigan: 2015 – 4th place nationwide in overall defense, 6th in scoring defense, 7th in pass yards allowed, and 3rd in dash allowed yards.

From Saturday morning until late afternoon, Kyle Stadium, through offensive struggles and lighting delays, the only constant factor was defense. The Bearkats struggled to keep anything going all day, and when they did, the defense forced a flip and crushed all hope. This was nothing more than a basic defense with plenty of spin and depth talented on screen. Dworkin is the new voice for one of the country’s most talented and deep defenses, let’s take a look at some of their best wins on Saturday.

This first clip showcases the overwhelming talent, strength, and speed of the Introduction Seven. The breakthrough was instant and as the RB attempted to bounce back out, the Aggies’ speed, effort, and pursuit were too much.

The third and short is early, and the seniors stuff it out of the field. Raikes and Diggs, along with Cooper, don’t allow anything. There isn’t much to detail here, just effort and strength to win.

I’m a huge Cooper fan but loved the way White and Russell played with LB. The D line filled in the gaps and allowed the backers and players to flow and create passive play.

Mr. White devised it with advice and Gilbert completed the play to secure INT to kill the best Bearkat campaign of the day. The defense was good all day, everyone played hard but also with discipline.

Here is the sequence of the two games for the three in and out after the Bearkats got an INT in the final zone… I like the way Aggie D responded and killed whatever momentum Sam Houston could have picked up. White first breaks a pass per second down, at the correct coverage and reads the eyes of the QB. Then both DEs win and create pressure on third place, Diggs ending the play to finish driving. I love the depth in the Defensive Line… Lots of talented kids with high engines… It’s just like the hockey team and the line changes. This is where Aggie’s recruitment begins to appear on the field.

Two of the crowning jewels of the historic enlistment class are coming here to force a third and long team. Shemar Stewart with the press and Denver Harris with the pass breakup. The new talent was on display all day Saturday!

Cooper comes off the ledge to force a quick throw and Chappelle was there with tight coverage to kill another third diversion attempt.

Sam Houston had another chance to get points towards the end of the game but Walter Nolen and his buddies made the run and imposed confusion. It can’t be known if it was Nolen, White, or any other defender who took him out. Another student retrieves her despite Matthews falling on her, squashing Beerkats’ last chance to break the lockdown.

The defense scored three sacks and six QB pressures without showing much outside their base appearance and four men rush. Stewart and Diggs meet at QB to put an exclamation point on this dominant game, one performance to defend.

In conclusion, here are some numbers from the stats sheet that should make all seniors happy to see. The Aggies continued their formidable defense in third place, and Sam Houston converted just one of 12 chances. The Aggies let in for less than 200 yards in total, forced two turns, pressed into the pocket without failing much, and 18 different defenders scored at least one tackle. Lots of players played, but production never went down, the app. The state would be a better challenge for the new defense, but I think they’re up to the challenge. Another very encouraging sign is that the defense hasn’t given up on the big plays, it was intact and confined… I don’t care if this is a non-FBS school, closing is tough in this climate of offensive football. So let’s all say, GO DJ! And welcome to Aggieland!