Moncada beats the White Sox 4-3 in 11 rounds

DETROIT (AP) — Yoann Moncada hit a playoff song in the eleventh inning of two rounds, and the Chicago White Sox beat the Detroit 4-3 Saturday night after losing to the Tigers in overtime in the series’ opening game.

With the score 2-2, Elvis Andros reached a narrow margin of eleventh. Gregory Soto (2-9) failed to catch the hit on the left side of the hill as auto sprinter Selby Zavala advanced to third.

“It’s a little unusual for road teams to track down that spot, but Andros failed to do so, and Gregory didn’t catch up,” said Tigers manager AJ Hinch. “These are little things that play a big role when you’re in additional roles.”

Moncada hit an RBI single, José Abreu lost, and after a double steal, Eloy Jiménez’s fly gave Chicago a 4-2 lead.

Miguel Cairo, acting White Sox manager, said Andrus made the decision to harass and attempt double robbery.