MMQB’s 10 Meals: The midfielder takes a big step in Year 2

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I included Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the Under-27 list on Twitter last week – he was one of seven players in the AFC – and got a host of negative backlash for his comment on pre-project ratings that were on him. fair enough. Up to this point, it’s okay to say he’s not in line with Josh Allen, Joe Burr, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and once his suspension is over, Deshaun Watson.

On Sunday, I saw a glimpse into why she’s smart – when you’re compiling this kind of list – to leave the light on for Lawrence.

It’s more than just that he beat Matt Ryan in a 24-0 colts bleach (we’ll get to them in a bit), or even that he went 25 of 30 for 235 yards, two drop-offs, no picks and a pass rating of 121.5 while hitting seven receivers Different, five of them scored at least three catches. It’s actually more about what it looks like.

Lawrence was outstanding Sunday against the Colts, throwing for 235 yards and two touchdowns.