MLB Pack Pros: Rodón breaks franchise record, Turner continues his success | Sports

It’s been another great few weeks for the MLB Pack pros in the Western National League. San Francisco Giants left quarterback Carlos Rodon and Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Tria Turner have been making huge impacts on their teams as of late.

In San Francisco, Rodon continues to see big strike numbers at nearly every performance. Along the coast, Turner continues to contribute to his team’s march to win the Western National League title.

Carlos Rodon, left-handed pitcher, San Francisco Giants

Rodon finished August a bit poorly, giving up five runs in just four rounds to the San Diego Padres by two strokes of the night.

This put it behind him pretty quickly though as he started in September with two consecutive double-digit wins, giving him a one-season franchise record for the Giants with 10 so far this year.

He appeared on September 4 in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies where Rodon fired 10 strikes in six rounds, allowing zero runs in five strikes.

Five days later, southpaw was at it again, hitting 11 Chicago Cubs of batsman in 5.1 innings.

Unfortunately, it looks as if his team giants have fallen behind in the post-season. Although not actually eliminated, San Francisco is currently sitting 29.5 games behind fellow Pack Pro Trea Turner Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West, and 10.5 games outside the wild card place.

Tria Turner, Shortstop, Los Angeles Dodgers

This week’s story with Turner is no different from the rest of the season, as he continues to be a huge part of Dodger’s success.

And notably in the past few weeks, he’s been responsible for three RBIs in Los Angeles’ September 10 victory over the San Diego Padres, bringing the number of wins needed to grab NL West to four.

In that match, Turner advanced 2-4 with a treble and two clearing rules in the fifth inning, breaking the 1-1 tie and giving the Dodgers a lead three times.

There’s also the two-pronged Homer who struck in the first half on September 3 in another series against the Padres, effectively sparking a Dodger attack and leading Los Angeles to a 12-1 win.

Turner also picked up four more bases stolen since August 24, making him 24 bases all year and eighth in the entirety of Major League Baseball.

He’s currently cutting .304/.349/.480 throughout 2022, and if he continues at that high level of play he is sure to lead the Dodgers away in this year’s post-season.

Andrew Kneisner, The Catcher, St. Louis Cardinals

It looks as though Knizner has cooled off again, as in seven games since August 29, he’s only scored one hit on 14 two-serve bats.

Defensively in the past few weeks, he’s been part of one of the strangest double plays this season, caused by a few basic Pittsburgh Pirates fouls, as he threw a runner from behind the plate during the same game.

While the Cardinals might be cool, Knizner isn’t, because he wasn’t able to capitalize on the little success he wrote about in the latest MLB Pack Pros update.