MLB Celebrates Roberto Clemente Day, Party at Citifield

NEW YORK (Associated Press) – For the top league players who saw him play, Roberto Clemente was an amazing talent and unmistakable force on the field who had a powerful influence on young footballers.

His selfless humanism also made a lasting impression.

Major League Baseball celebrated its 21st annual Roberto Clemente Thursday, with festivities centered in New York, where the former Hall of Fame player was hosted by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Clemente died in a plane crash at the age of 38 while trying to deliver relief supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve 1972. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of that tragedy, more than a dozen winners of the Roberto Clemente Baseball Prize for Charity and Play. The franchise joined members of the Clemente family at Citi Field for a pre-game party.

“The most important trophy I have in my house. Like Clemente, he is a proud citizen of Puerto Rico,” said 2006 winner Carlos Delgado of the Year.