Minot why not? why not? New Northwoods League reveals potential team names

We have the five finalists for the name of the new summer university Northwoods University The team for the first time in Corbett Field In the 2023 season, it is already a colorful group, led by the legendary minute why not Brand.

Community members submitted over 340 name ideas in the team name submission contest.

“It was very interesting to read all the names presented,” said Monica Blake, Managing Director and Managing Partner, via a press release. “The names were funny, unique, and meaningful to North Dakota. It was hard to pick just five to make it to the final round.”

Now fans are asked to vote on their favorite names to help define the team’s future identity.

Here are the last five names, plus descriptions from the team:

  • Male Dacrats Dakrat is a term coined by the residents of Minot Air Force Base and more for prairie dogs and gophers in the Minot region. Can you imagine a giant prairie dog mascot inviting Corbett Field to his home?
  • Minute Hot Tots Hot tater tot is one of the most popular dishes in North Dakota. This name is a unique and fun play on a plate from North Dakota. Can you imagine flamed to be your team’s logo? May contain hair cheese! We can already hear fans chanting “The Tots are HOT” after a big win.
  • minute why not – Why did you bring a team to Minot? why not?! Why isn’t minot a common phrase across North Dakota. Not only will this name be associated with this popular phrase, but it will also pay homage to the team that began establishing Minot’s baseball history, Minot Why Nots. The Minot Why Nots played for a short year in 1917. What would the mascot be? The opportunities are endless. It could be related to the strong fishing ties in the community or the train conductor inviting people to come to the Minot. Why is it not true?
  • Minot Berserk (Berserkers) Everyone in Minot knows that the Norse and Scandinavian heritage are deep. In the Old Norse written text, berserk They are those who are said to have fought in a trance-like rage. These warriors often fought without armor, wearing only animal skins. This name choice settles on the fiercer side of team names. Are you ready to go berserk for berserk?
  • Minute Night Booms – Minot has a long history of railways, and the story goes that the city grew up “over night“While railroad workers built the stand via Gassman Coulee. Night Owls is a railroad term for a late-evening commuter train. With our baseball games played almost exclusively in the evening, relationships couldn’t improve much.

The voting portion of the contest is open until Friday, September 23. The final team name will be announced at an event at Corbett Stadium on Thursday, October 20th.

“We’re excited to open up the vote for fans and get their reaction to the last five names,” Blake said. “I definitely have some of my favorites, but that decision is ultimately up to the fans and the community.”

Each fan who votes will be entered into a drawing for one of 50 inaugural Minot Baseball hats or one of 25 inaugural season jerseys..

Construction of Corbett Stadium began in 1935 with WPA funding, with the former Minot Municipal Courts serving as home to the American and minor teams prior to the arrival of the Minot Mallards of the Independent and Integrated Manitoba-Dakota (Man Duck) in 1950. Satchel Paige played three games as Mallard within days Storm, and other stars appeared in the Negro leagues there. The Mallards moved to the Northern Third Division in Major League Baseball for the 1958-1960 and 1962 seasons. The revived independent Mallards played for two seasons. Corbett Field also hosts Minot State University baseball and was renovated ahead of the 2018 season. The stadium was voted as a fan favorite in the Ballpark Digest Best of the Ballparks 2018.

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