Mets have highest salaries, Dodgers drop to second place without Trevor Power comment

The Mets are hoping to win their first world title since 1986 Max Scherzerwith a league-highest $43.3 million, makes nearly $5 million less than the entire Oakland team and teams up with his teammates Jacob Degrom And the Francis Lindor For 103 million dollars – more than eight of the 30 clubs.

When the Mets last topped MLB’s payroll, they grossed $21.3 million.

The Dodgers’ pay fell when Bauer was suspended for two years without pay on April 29 for violating the sport’s domestic violence policy.

The Yankees have $267 million in tax payroll and $9.4 million in expected tax, and the Phillies will owe $243 million ($2.6 million).

Boston, which is just over the first line at $234.5 million, will owe about $900,000. After paying taxes for the first time last year, San Diego became the second offender with a payroll of about $233 million and a tax of just over $800,000.

Tigers hire General Motors Harris to oversee baseball operations

Scott Harris He was appointed Monday as the head of baseball operations for the Detroit Tigers, leaving the San Francisco Giants after three years as general manager.

The 36-year-old takes over as Tigers . general manager Avila, which was dismissed on August 10. Detroit went 404-573 under Avila, who failed to move the team beyond the season during seven seasons overseeing baseball operations.

Detroit hopes to make it past the season but entered last week at AL Central at 55-91.

Harris has high expectations for the Tigers, who haven’t had a winning season since 2016 and reached the final playoffs in 2014.

“It’s everything. He wants to win the world championship,” Detroit manager AJ Hench He said. “He’s competitive. He wants to win. He’s made it clear to me that this is a priority for him, and that’s what you want to hear when you’re in my situation.”

Harris has played a key role in strengthening the San Francisco team’s roster over the past three seasons, serving under the head of baseball operations. Farhan Zaidi. The Giants went 107-55 in 2021 and won NL West, the best regular season record in franchise history. The Giants were between 205 and 163 during Harris’ three seasons in San Francisco.

Naylor, Rosario hit the Homers three times, guards defeat the twins

Facing the toughest challenge so far this season, the young guard have had to show they can handle themselves in a crucial streak.

The twins were not identical.

Josh Naylor And Amed Rosario hit eyebrows from three runs, Cal Quantrell He maintained his unbeaten home streak, crushing Cleveland Minnesota 11-4, taking four of five from one of their AL Central chasers.

The Guardians followed up a sweep in Minnesota earlier this month with a series win they had to get and opening a seven-game lead on the twins, wracked by injuries along the distance.

“Unfortunately, once you get to September, some of the games are even more important,” Quantrell said. “These last eight games against the Twins were more important. We knew it, they knew it and I felt like we attended and showed what we can do in the big moments.

“The boys took this challenge very seriously and rose to the occasion.”

Naylor came down in the first half Sony Gray (8-5) Rosario is connected in the sixth from the ascendant Ronnie Henriquez To make it 7-3 as the first-place guards opened their four-game lead over Chicago.

Cleveland begins a three-game streak in Chicago on Tuesday against second-placed White Sox, who has been out of work.