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If you woke up on Sunday morning thinking that “the Mets should beat the Marlins easily and also Thomas Nidow should make their first home run of the season,” their 9-3 victory over the Marlins that afternoon with Thomas Nido’s first home run. Very pleasant.

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With catching the ball is running Ongoing problem with Starling Marte’s broken fingerchose to be on the list of injured.

will meet Putting Chris Bassett and Jacob Degrom and a jug that may or may not be David Peterson In their series against the Cubs.

Although the season is a little late, The return of Eduardo Escobar is greatly appreciated by Mets.

Max Scherzer threw his first training session since being put on the injured list and…Things went well and normally.

during the game, Scherzer had to watch the remainder of Sunday’s game from the club after being sent off the bench this season.

Trevor May Returns It must come sometime todayIf things remain as they are.

In the third part of the good news of recovering from injury, Luis Guillorme must join the Mets either today or tomorrow at Citi Field.

Well, if three isn’t enough for you, the fourth good news is that Joey Lucchesi went 1.2 rounds without goals in his second rehab appearance.

With the playoffs approaching, It makes more and more sense that Brandon Nimo’s time in New York extends beyond next month.

Sometimes we just need it Take a step back and think how bad Angel Hernandez is and laugh.

About East National League

Port Authority Police Officer and Former Atlanta Pitcher Anthony Favaro died in a traffic accident Sunday morning while on his way to the September 11 memorial service.

After a historic delay of rain that lasted about four hours, The Phillies defeated the Nationals in a wet match 7-5 in Philly.

The Mariners’ 6-1 lead in seventh was 7-6 ahead of Braves in ninth before finally settling down 8-7 victory for the sailors over the damned brave.

About Major League Baseball

MLB and MLBPA have been identified Who is eligible to join the junior league and who has been left out with a few exceptions.

his continued destruction during the last month of his career, Albert Pujols continued his 697th home career, passing Alex Rodriguez and finishing fourth on the all-time list..

The lucky fans who caught Homer 697 met Albert Pujols after the match and The future Hall of Famer snapped a photo, let them keep the ball running on their turf, and sign two additional baseballs saying the ball means more to them than it does to him..

The division title is technically still up in the air, but The Dodgers are the first team to officially qualify for the post-season.

With the rookie reversing something from the past, The Dodgers used one of their last rides of the year to get everyone dressed up as diverse and eccentric waco.

One day after scoring his twelfth win of the season, Shohei Ohtani has continued his 34th home career this season. Lmao, lol, stuff like that.

While in Auckland for Dave Stewart’s retirement, Tony LaRussa has revealed that he may not return to the White Sox hideout this year.

allegedly a sport very rooted in the past, for better or worse, Baseball is trying to transport itself into the future.

Not only will the new MLB rules change the way the game is played, But it will also change the formation of who plays on the list.

Zach Galen Set a new record for the Diamondbacks franchise with 44.1 consecutive rounds without goals before giving up on his first run in weeks on Sunday.

This date is in Mets history

on me This date is in 1964The New York Jets played their first game at Shea Stadium.