McKinstry, Madrigal, Horner’s Arm, Amaya’s Ankle, Reyes Pipe and other Cubs bullets

Unbeatable Chicago Bears. that was Beautiful darn sexy win in the rainAnd see the players Celebrate slip and slide In the end, Lewis recalled a certain tarp moment in the history of the Cubs.

Play nicely, Louis:

  • Zack McKinstry played, easily, his biggest and best game for the Cubs last night, scoring twice, double and triple. It’s kind of weird how much one game has gone downhill in his production all season (in what was a bit of a disaster on the board): from .160/.233/.266/41 wRC+ all the way up to .192/.259/.323/ 63 wRC +. That’s barely less than what Nick Madrigal has done this year with the Cubs (.249/ .305/ .282/69 wRC+), and leaves him very much on the fence about a 40-man spot this off season. His defensive versatility will help, although he’s out of minor league options for next year.
  • Speaking of Nick Madrigal, it’s not entirely clear, even if his thigh strain is “light,” he’ll be back this season:
  • The recent injury does not change the way the Cubs are calculating they can/must move forward with respect to their playing field this off-season. Like I said even when things were going well for Madrigal after returning from the last Thigh Breed: The Cubs cannot act this season as if they have a second base completely closed by a madrigal. This would be unwise not only because Madrigal did not show with the Cubs that he should be seen as that guy, but also because locking Madrigal at second base makes it more difficult for the Cubs to add a higher free agent – that is, among the ways to do this, The Cubs can target the highest stopping point, and then have the flexibility to move Nico Horner to second base with some regularity.
  • Speaking of Horner, Here he hopes to tighten his triceps Not a serious issue. Here’s what Hoerner said after the match, referring to a dip and throw game before being sent away ( “There was never like a moment I felt anything get hurt. But right after the play it was tight in that area. I went down between turns and spoke to the coaching staff and decided it would be best to just check back in tomorrow and see where I am.”
  • If you didn’t already know how amazing Franmil Reyes is, you definitely got a taste of last night when it premiered on ESPN. Just a whole lot of light fun, talking about eating macaroni and cheese with his bare hands, about the fun and privilege of playing baseball for a living, and a little singing:
  • Are you kidding me about this:
  • I’ll wait to hear more before I get too upset, but getting tests right away doesn’t sound good, at least in the short term. Suddenly, I would be surprised if Amaya’s season – which has been going really well when he’s healthy – isn’t over. As Brian says, the big question now is the AFL, which was so huge for his development, because he was going to finally be back behind the plate.
  • Wilmer Flores, 31, has been a tough guy at the Giants’ service for two years now – he can play corner points well enough, offensive production is just above average – and they’re bringing him back for a few more years:
  • Today is 24 years ago, and I wonder if we’ll see a new addition this year in Aaron Judge: