Maryland-SMU Football Recap, Reaction, Terps-Michigan Preview

So, let’s start with an existential question:

If you were to be tortured and given the option to watch any part of Iowa’s attack against the mighty SDSU Jackrabbits – there you go, someone somehow concocted 22 minutes of “highlights”…

…or the first 9 minutes of the third quarter of a game of MD against SMU, which one would you choose?

Let me steer you toward the Iowa nonsense show, unless of course you have a wicked taste for really bad football.

Maryland started the second half down 20-17. Terps got the ball to open the second half and immediately drove to SMU’s 9-yard line in less than 1:30 for a first-and-go goal. Jeshaun Jones earned a touchdown pass, which was negated by a hanging call and Jason Jones’s mocking call after picking up the ball in the end zone and trying to give the ball to the defender. This was his second penalty kick from 15 yards with unsportsmanlike behavior in the game. The first was to put the defender fully on the blind side strike while holding the Taulia QB stampede. In the blink of an eye, it was the third goal and the 31st goal. Fortunately, Maryland landed Chad Ryland of eastern Michigan and scored a 40-yard field goal to tie the game at 20.

On SMU’s next possession, SMU did nothing but run plays until Terps were called to shootouts. On this trip, Maryland was reported for its unsportsmanlike behavior, pedestrian roughness, and interference.

yes. That’s 45 yards there.

Frosh phenom LB Jaishawn Barham was reported to have pushed an SMU player in the back after the SMU player apparently said he intentionally planted a cleat on Barham’s foot after the play. Dirty crap? yes. But you cannot respond to it. It is always the man who reacts to the elementary things that are called.

SMU’s QB star Taner Mordechai wasn’t too stellar in the last play of this drive. He fumbled at the goal line and the Marylanders somehow withstood their own self-inflicted wounds. The Terps took the reins and went nowhere, kicking from their end zone. SMU had a short range and responded with a TD to go up by 27-20. [Ed. note: It was at this point that Larry emailed his SMCD contribution on how Maryland had lost.]

Maryland got the ball in the kick-off that followed. Two then played, they coughed the ball in the middle of the field. At this point, it’s 6:23 left in the third quarter. SMU had the ball in midfield, up 27-20 with Maryland seemingly losing the game and all their composure.

Which leads us to…

The good:

Again, DC Brian Williams He made some excellent game tweaks and the MD locked him in for the rest of the match against a very powerful SMU attack. Let me remind you, MD rated 104/130 in 2021. Howard.

Maryland’s defense is not good. We are only seeking proficiency/average. So the defense that enters again this week as good is a relative slip meter that depends on where it has been. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, he was very ugly, like your sister. But they stopped when they needed to. So, yeah, for Maryland football, the defense was pretty good.

Rushing game. Good. 36 lunges for 227 yards averaged for 6.3 yards per lunge. Remember when people used to say this was a talented, but unproven, group and potentially a burden? So far, so good.

But, it’s still September and the beautiful Maryland Cinderella is still there. Let’s wait until the October cold arrives and the Terps turn into a pumpkin and get crushed by the 350-pound B1G D-linemen before we get excited.

But for the third week, these numbers are promising. [Note: SMU decided Maryland was going to have to beat them running the ball, dropping tons of players into pass coverage, which really helped the rushing attack. Taulia was efficient, just not spectacular – 17/23 (74% completion rate), 214 yards passing with 2 TDs and a stellar 180 QBR.]

amazing. Rashi rice. SMU WR. 11 receptions for 193 yards with two Maryland players wrapping it up all night. Several PI calls were turned down because he caught the ball anyway. Incredible reception.


Penalties and discipline. see above. Nice penalty total: 15 penalties for 141 yards with several PI calls rejected because Rashi Rice picked up the damn ball anyway.

next one:

Michigan in the Big House. Yes, the scehdule UM was less than phenomenal. Don’t sleep on this Wolverine table – it’s so soft, it’ll mess with your back. But, see above. Sanctions are an ongoing issue since last year that has not been fixed.

It won’t be fixed in a week. Michigan’s only weak spot, if you can call it that, is the O line. The Maryland pass professional was bullshit. So, there is no advantage there. Michigan is better than Maryland. Terps and their metric tons of penalties will be trucked this week at the Big House.