Major League Baseball provided a stadium, but a Seattle seafood spot, Ray’s kept hooked on his web address – GeekWire

Historic neon sign at Ray’s, a waterfront seafood restaurant in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. (GeekWire / Kurt Schlosser photos)

Major League Baseball is a bit closer to having the coveted web addresses for all of its 30 professional teams. One of the last remaining strongholds,, is now redirecting to the Minnesota baseball team instead of a website controlled by two twin brothers.

Twins domain last sale By Durland and Darvin Miller ends the decades-long story between MLB and the sister duo. A 2015 Grantland’s story Document how the league began trying to secure domain names, delayed registrations — and why the Miller brothers held out despite the prospect of a huge payday.

Ray’s seafood restaurant in Seattle is still going strong, and he has no plans to part with his dear one The web address of the MLB and baseball team Tampa Bay Rays.

“We want it because that’s what we are,” Ray’s General Manager (restaurant) and co-owner Doug Zellers told GeekWire on Tuesday.

The home page of Ray Seafood Restaurant. ( screenshot)

The waterfront restaurant overlooking Chilshol Bay in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood has occupied the site since the 1940s when original owner Ray Lichtenberger opened a café and eventually set up the famous red neon sign.

Ray’s current iteration as a beloved 50-year-old seafood venue will begin next year, and Zellers said it’s been at least 10 years since the MLB started calling.

In 2015, the league secured for the Texas Rangers at a price of $315,000. But another site,, belongs to the NFL soccer team and isn’t going anywhere. Nor Ray’s address.

Zellers heard rumors on the day that too many MLBs were fired for trying to wrestle away, when the baseball team started as the Devil Rays in 1998. But “it was a company not one of our partners,” he said.

The Grantland story seven years ago also quoted Monte Cahn, founder of registration site URL, who had been acting as a broker for MLB in its quest to secure domains.

After several attempts and conversations with [Ray’s]Kahn said, as Grantland reported. “So I suggested and was able to get that to MLB for a fraction of what they would have spent on”

Water and mountain view from Ray’s deck. (Ray’s Instagram photo)

Zellers told GeekWire that other than history, a simple URL is useful for internet traffic and restaurant reservations.

“There is something magical about having a four-word domain name,” he said. “SEO, metrics, all these things are great. I think we do a lot of homepage visits because of how simple the domain name is.”

The old restaurant may have its own baseball fever.

The Seattle team, the Mariners, just so happens to have a tight NBA wild card race with Tampa Bay as the season approaches. M’s is trying to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

When asked if he’s a Mariners fan, Zellers laughed, “I am.”