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How do we all feel after the first week?

Let’s start in Ohio where I’m sick to my stomach this morning. The MY Bengals stifled what they considered a must-win win against the Steelers and I had to watch that finish after Browns win which would lead Cleveland fans to believe they had a Super Bowl contender.

It’s way downright despicable for the Super Bowl runners-up, but it’s not the only vile performance this week. In Minneapolis, Aaron Rodgers looked like he was in a hostage situation. I need a blue-of-earth chick to get to his head pronto. Meanwhile, she’s in Europe doing some sort of self-help tour while Rodgers is busy answering the wide receivers and offensive line.

Get your shaman’s butt to Green Bay ASAP. Aaron needs evil magic from his system. Instagram story

Then you have the Cowboys who have a malfunctioning Chevy Beretta as quarterback and is now out 6-8 weeks. Duck signed a four-year, $160 million contract in 2021. Good luck to Cowboys fans.

Then you have a new contract with the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray. How do the fans of the cards feel? You may not feel better after listening to Last Chance U coach Jason Brown.

Take it away, Coach Brown.

The other highlights/highlights off the top of my head from the first week

• I’ll give the lions this – at least they’re entertaining at home. After this performance and not quitting, I may have no choice but to get up to play there feeling energized. November 6 against the Packers sounds like a good place. Detroit should have some victories by then and the season wouldn’t be a total loss at that point.

• Are we living in 2022 or 2012? Smart TVs should have no problem connecting. I watched the early matches in @chris_burns65 House and his Hulu were falling. Then I came home and my AT&T UVerse – yeah, it’s on its way out – was a mess. Anyone else having problems?

• Basic Massage Smoked Wings are still undefeated during NFL games this time of year. We hope you don’t fall victim to chili eating early in the season.

• Remember that the gauntlet is all about WINS. Hard luck if you have ponies or Texas.

• Congratulations to Toledo football legend Matt Ebervloss, who took his first NFL win as the Bears coach.

• Hardest Timelines Remained: Browns (.656) and Bengals (.625); The easiest remaining table belongs to rams (.308). Yes, it’s too early to talk about the schedule, but many of you are already thinking about the playoffs.

• Confirmed: This is a great picture.

• Jackson Mahomes was awfully quiet in Glendale where his brother had the MVP performance (see below). Since I got paid to do this, I checked out Jackson’s TikTok and he didn’t bother making a field-wide dance video. This is big news about these parts.

• Kevin Tatters OB wrote:

A difficult loss for the beloved Bengals. I’m sure they’ll patch the ship and take another tour this year. I wanted to share a quick personal connection from the game. One of my former squadrons, the VMFA (AW)-224, also known as the Bengals, toured early with F/A-18’s. Even better, one of my old fellow squadrons and friend, T-Rets, just took over as their captain last month. He’s the one in the middle in the photo below.

It was great to see a video of the Marines and photos of the Marines with Bengal fans on social media, and the fact that they were able to do so as part of the 9/11 tribute makes it even more special. Hopefully that adds a little bit to the excitement on the field. If you get the unit stickers I sent back in June, one of them was a VMFA(AW)-224 Bengals sticker.

Not sure if they did since I left my old unit and switched emails. We hope you did and now you can share a little connection with the T-Rets and all the notable Marines, past and present, of the VMFA (AW)-224!

NFL Discount Menu Ideas

• A Bills Guy G. fan in western New York takes this very seriously. He’s back with a full slate for the 2022 season:

To take on Mark in Virginia, there’s a very good reason to eat Los Angeles tacos and Miami fish. This is the third year of our football food journey. I’ve been trying really hard not to repeat too many things, but L.A. food is…meh. Of course, I’ll be there again at the end of the month, and they might change my mind. In 2020, Buffalo played both for the Los Angeles team, and fish tacos featured versus the rams. The same reasoning applies to not making Nashville chicken next week, as we did last year. It’s getting hard not to repeat KC after we’ve seen it so much lately. By order, here’s the full season menu;

@ Ramez Fire Roasted Taco
vsTen Meat +3! Country Fried Steak / Potato / Corn / Mac and Cheese / Biscuits

@ Miami Sesame Grilled Tuna with Rice/Ginger/Wasabi
@ Pal Crab Cake With Garlic Biscuits / Aioli Fries
Salad vs Pittsburgh Steak House
KC Smoked KC Steak-Coffee/Pepper Rub
Fried cheese sticks vsGB/yoghurt and soft pretzel with beer cheese
@NY Bagel board-cream cheese/capers/salmon/prosciutto
vsMIN Stuffed Juicy Lucy
vsCLE The Polish Boy- Polish sausage on bun topped with French fries and BBQ sauce
DET Thanksgiving dinner with fermented sausage stuffing in Detroit
NE Mini trash can clambake-clam/corn/sausage
vsNYJ BUFFALO Pizza & Wings
vsMIA Beef on Weck & Wings
@ CHI deep dish pizza soup
Tweet embed
vsNE BUFFALO Pizza & Wings

Playing on Christmas Eve in Chicago, when the family is at our house, traditionally making soup. It will continue for game day.

Except for the bread, everything will be done outside, on one of the grills or smokers.

While Mrs. G watches more football than she used to, the Sunday special food makes her happy, usually something new or rare. Plus, who doesn’t love lighting up the grill first thing on a Sunday morning?!

• Michael J. wrote.

I totally agree with Jason E. No state serves pork tenderloin like Indiana. I ate some a foot in diameter. Very delicious.

Wait, is this painting legal?

• Kevin wrote in Gibsonia, PA:

Spotted this weekend in Tonawanda, New York. Look closely. You will love it.

garage fridge art

• You mentioned this project in Screencaps on Saturday as you come. Remember, this project is about more than just displaying your garage refrigerator. I’m looking for a self-reflection on what a garage fridge means to you and fridge art. Walk me through the psychology of your garage refrigerator. What is allowed? What is forbidden?

Feel free to dig into these emails.

I know we’ve sent fridge emails in the past, but we haven’t delved into the philosophy behind the fridge and what makes it tick.


• Duncan N. Books.

Nothing beats a beer fridge! This little guy was in my wife’s bedroom when we first started dating. So, she is more than 20 years old. The outside is a work in progress, but the inside has kept thousands of beers cold over the years. I usually start with something more delicious, like Grolsch, Stella, or Capital. Then follow those up with some Miller Lites. Wife’s luminous sky, and cors stubbies when we’re watching Cobra Kai. I love this show!

And with that, let’s roll. This post is huge and will take a lot of time in your day to day work, so dig into it.

Have a great week and don’t forget that Russell Wilson is back in Seattle and there is bad blood with this person no matter what Wilson says. Jenno Smith starts in Seattle. Yes, Jenno Smith.


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