Live Updates #21 Texas vs UTSA: Longhorns win 41-20

For the first time, number 21 Texas Longhorns Ready to take on the UTSA Roadrunners, with the game kicking off at 7 p.m. on the Longhorn Network at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

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After about 90 minutes of playing time, Quinn Ewers, a freshman in a red Texan shirt, was off the field in a T-shirt and shorts – like his teammates – and threw some passes at about half speed without any apparent support to the left shoulder he injured last week against Alabama.

The game’s depth chart still features Ewers as a rookie with Hudson’s sophomore red jersey as a reserve and red jersey freshman Charles Wright now on the third quarterback. But Ewers seems unlikely to get dressed, although the prognosis for him now looks better than it did last weekend, and some reports on Saturday back that up.

Card suffered a sprained ankle in his loss to Crimson Tide and was also off the field during the warm-up, including sprints from about 20 yards during which he looked like he was at about 85 to 90 percent – and certainly wasn’t swaying like he was towards the end of Saturday’s game Past. It moves well enough to try and play.

Senior cornerback D’Shawn Jamison, who also suffered a sprained ankle last week, was also off the field to warm up and looked close to 100% on the run.

When the players came out in uniform 45 minutes before the game, Ewers was dressed, along with new quarterback Malik Murphy, who coach Steve Sarkissian called “unhealthy” on Monday. Card was dressed as well, walking out several minutes earlier than his other teammates.

Junior runs back Bijan Robinson is also dressed, but Sarkissian probably prefers to avoid giving him a 20-25 touchdown against UTSA. Jamison wears clothes, too.

Card and Wright were both on the air throwing ways with the first set, Murphy followed and then marched on Ben Ballard with Ewers not throwing at all.

The card was announced as the starting midfielder during a pre-game presentation.

First Quarter

After UTSA won the lottery and postponed it, Texas received the ball to start the game. The Texans came out at 12 in a tempo that delivered the ball to Robinson three times in a row, but it came out too short, forcing Robinson to take a fourth, which finally moved the chains. After changing the personnel to 20, young Keilan Robinson took a 10-yard push pass before a false start that puts the Longhorns behind the chains. In the first play of the game, Card was thrown behind sophomore wide receiver Xavier Worthy on another route and the pass was broken up. The Texans had to jump after a run and a missing card deserved on the sidelines.

A low shot from Zach Edwards resulted in a shot off the line from Daniel Trejo and the ball rebounded into the end zone.

UTSA was able to get its first loss at the end of the 285-pound tight end Oscar Cardenas, but suffered another injury along the offensive line when Demetris Allen left the bout. Cardenas turned third again and UTSA quarterback Frank Harris rushed to get another, showing off his pace. After Harris’ race, he saved an illegal touchdown turn when Jamison was beaten in coverage by Roadrunners wide receiver Joshua Cefus, quickly prompting Jamison to lay off sophomore Jamier Johnson.

With UTSA moving into the red, Harris was able to avoid the sack on a corner kick and then Texan junior cornerback Ryan Watts and junior Gerren Thompson missed an intervention to allow a fourth turn down on the drive.

Jamison rebounded from previous penalty-saving coverage by breaking a third pass in the end zone, forcing UTSA to go to him fourth down inside the two-yard line. As the Roadrunners split four players onto the field, including the Cardenas, a false-start penalty forced coach Jeff Traylor to level a field goal at 20 games and 74 yards that took nearly eight and a half minutes. Wall Clock.

Of the seven UTSA runs running back Brenden Brady in the opening round, none have passed longer than five yards, but the Roadrunners have mostly stayed ahead of the chains in the running game and received some key scrambling from Harris, who was also effective in passes. the short.

On Card’s third attempt to find Worthy, he picked up a 19-yard obstacle course in the first piece of the Longhorns game. Texans had trouble giving up the breakout on the second drive, but Robinson and linebacker Rochon Johnson were able to get the UTSA players off the field to avoid passive play. Worthy’s card was wasted on another shot when the Texas superstar had to dive into the end zone and make the ball pass through his hands. On Days 3 and 1, Novice center Jake Majors lost the streak of scrimmage and Robinson lost three yards, but another offside attack on UTSA gave Texans the top spot.

The first quarter ended with an 11-yard push pass to junior receiver Jordan Whittington.

Second Quarter

The second quarter began with a penalty kick called sophomore year Texans by tight end Ja’Tavion Sanders on the pass pass option, putting the horns behind the chains. In 21 innings, a playing pass to Johnson picked up the flat 19 yards, a very important driving gain. In the next play, Johnson of the same group of individuals scored on a pass to the opposite flat for an 11-yard touchdown with the help of Johnson’s stiff arm while Texas were leading 7-3.

Early in the game, freshman Will Stone attempted the kick at an angle or missed it—and both times, it went out of bounds and gave the ball to the Road Runners at their 35-yard line.

Once again, Harris was able to pick up yards in short throws or scramble for positive gains, moving quickly into the red in Texas. UTSA stopped out for second and one, forcing UTSA to turn a third goal down, but young nickel linebacker Jahdae Barron mistook the background tackle and the Roadrunners moved the chains back down the money. An incomplete pass and run of things forced a third and long pass for UTSA, but Watts was called to pass the overlap in the end zone on a lackluster road and the Road Runners ran the ball into the next play.

Trellor caught the Texans by surprise, and summoned a side kick—he was the Austin Special Teams coach. In the second drive-by play, the Road Runners called for a bluff play—a bounce pass to Brady, who threw the intended receiver, but Watts was unable to break the play and was caught by Zachary Franklin in a momentum-altering touchdown.

The Texans were able to move steadily on the field with three lunges down first and then several completions. Sarkissian then called up three straight plays from the Wildcat formation – Robinson was bounced off and then ran by Johnson, who held back one of the defenders to go down near the goal line.

The third play lost a few yards, so the card came back behind center, handing Robinson a three-yard touchdown to overshoot 11 games and 67 yards which is a key response to the Roadrunners’ 14 fast points.

Harris’ move out of the pocket under pressure led to a first down pass, but a faulty kick-off forced the 3 and 11 on the UTSA and the Texans managed to fill the football with a flare pass to force the kick-off on the Roadrunners.

A 55-yard kick forced the Horns into a long field with the ball on the 12-yard line, but a 15-yard pass by Robinson and a 19-yard catch marked his elite cutting ability and contact balance put the Roadrunners defense under pressure late in the first half, moving nine yards Johnson runs the ball to the UTSA 38-yard line.

However, the drive stalled, as Card missed open receivers in two consecutive games, the second resulting in a penalty and forcing a 44-yard field goal attempt by junior footballer Burt Auburn, who knocked him out through the twos to tie the game 17-17 .

First half notes

  • Robinson crossed over 2,000 yards in his first-half career and scored at least one goal in 14 of his last 15 games.
  • UTSA converted 5 of 7 third touchdowns (71.4 percent) after entering the game with a conversion rate of 59.3, ninth nationally.
  • Harris was also effective, hitting 12 of 15 passes for 115 yards and adding 25 yards to the ground, including 4 of 5 passes for 28 yards in third.
  • Card was 12 of 18 passes for 140 yards and a touchdown, but he was unable to connect in shots and missed opportunities to take the lead late in the first half as he struggled to locate wide open receivers.
  • The running game began to emerge in the second quarter—after 10 lunges for 27 yards in the opening 15 minutes, Longhorns ran the ball 11 times for 64 yards in the second quarter.
  • In all, Texas has 67 offensive yards in the first quarter and 164 offensive yards in the second quarter.

Third quarter

Harris scrambled to get a third turn down to start the second half and sophomore Jack Barren Sorrell was flagged for lane roughness. Incomplete run and pass things forced UTSA to turn 3 and 8 which turned into 3 and 13 in a match penalty delay. This time, Harris was unable to scramble down or find an open receiver, forcing the Roadrunners to throw the ball.

Texas grabbed the 20-yard streak when the UTSA punt rebounded to the end zone for a touchdown and quickly built up momentum as Robinson took a handover from Johnson in the Wildcat formation and raced a 78 yard touchdown, his longest career Longhorns career path. The game-changing play gave the Texans a 24-17 victory.

The Longhorns defense forced the top three out of the match when Jamison broke a third pass from Harris.

Sensing that the Roadrunners were on edge, Sarkissian called for a shot initially and the deep ball wasn’t there, but Card was able to find Whittington on a deep cross path for a 26-yard profit. The drive soon stalled, however, on three passes on the screen that weren’t able to produce a yardage, forcing a Texas punt.

The Texans looked like they would be able to get off the field after letting one down first when Sorrell got a clean look at Harris in third, but Harris went up and completed the pass to move the chains. Then, in the next play, Harris scrambles and stumbles at the end of the race, but UTSA manages to recover the loose ball. He picked up a pass under the seam behind the linebacker 24 large yards all the way to the Texas four-yard line. An illegal fourth-round formation penalty cost the Roadrunners five main yards. UTSA attempted a mock ending, but Texas was able to tackle Harris for a loss. Senior linebacker DeMarvion Overshown broke a pass assigned to Cardenas in second, forcing the third and goal from the 12-yard line. In the play, the UTSA receiver was judged to have been forced out of the boundary, established himself in the boundary, and completed a capture, which was subject to review and was flipped because the ball hit the ground. The Roadrunners settled on a short field goal instead to become 24-20.

Texans went three times and out on their run – a short run by Robinson, defended by Card under pressure, then an incomplete pass assigned to Johnson.

But the defense has finally changed the rules of the game. In a corner kick by Watts, UTSA attempted to pass a pass from the screen to the field, but Harris sailed the pass and the inverted ball found Barron’s hands, who returned it to the touchdown and led 31-20.

A pass by Overhown and a third-place sack was broken by the Texas senior quarterback who initially appeared to be finished driving by UTSA, but the sack was revised for targeting as Overhown’s face mask made contact with the shorter Harris and Overshown’s facemask, and both were taken out, resulting in a His suspension for the first half next week against Texas Tech.

A screen pass dropped at 4 and 1 after Harris was stopped in the third round down put the ball back to Longhorns despite a drive-through appeal.

Texans quickly capitalized when Card defended 32 yards after saving a penalty and Robinson put the game out of his reach with a magical 41-yard sprint to give the Longhorns a 38-21 lead.

With the reserve UTSA quarterback in the game, the Texans began to create more pressure and quickly forced the three out and had another hit, kicking a field goal just under five minutes before, the end result of the game.