Lester and Rogers don’t work, they’re really bad at a lot of things

In the afternoon, it was a minute of silence before kick-off, story Lister6-2 surrender at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur He was told by the noise over the next ninety minutes.

There was a point when Leicester fans chanted, ‘How nonsense, we’re winning away’ after the early opening game, Yuri TillmansPenalty.

There was a point when Leicester’s defense headed away from a corner kick for Spurs and those fans cheered sarcastically, and their team finally managed to properly defend a free kick.

Finally, there has been belated criticism from Tottenham supporters towards Brendan Rodgers, telling him he will be sent off in the morning.

This should be a realistic consideration now – if not in the morning, then sometime in the next couple of weeks. This international respite comes at a good time if the Leicester board are looking for a change. Rodgers, who was fired from his Liverpool job in 2015 at the start of the international breakHe will know the situation. “It’s probably a good time to reset everything,” he said somewhat ominously.

The 6-2 scoreline was tough for Leicester as the scale of the defeat was exaggerated with two superb goals from Son Heung-min before completing a hat-trick in the closing stages. However, the papers felt 6-2 also from an early stage, despite Leicester taking a lead and scoring 2-2 in the first half.

The first and second concessions came from set pieces, an area Leicester have struggled with throughout last season. They gave up almost a third of a fixed set, when Wilfried Passion Turned into his own network, although the referee ruled after long deliberations Danny Ward An error was made.

Ndidi, one of the Premier League’s leading defensive midfielders for two years, looked miserable here – asking to cover too much space in a side that lacks compactness, sure, but that doesn’t explain how easily he stuck to possession. Rodrigo Bentancur for the third goal. In fairness, it could be said that he wasn’t as awkward as Boubakry Soumare It’s totally over Peter Emil Hojberg Sun’s goal.

Rodgers appeared depressed the entire time (Photo: John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images)

Rodgers’ problem isn’t that Leicester is bad – though it is – it’s that he is bad at all things collective. Their defensive form is consistently terrible. They cannot defend set pieces. There is no clear pattern of attack.

Their most promising moments come from individual brilliance. James Madison He scored a great goal here just as he scored a great goal against himself Southampton, its crossing towards Batson Dhaka was also very dangerous. But Madison feels like a great No. 10 on the bad side, Georgie Kinkladze or Juninho.

Leicester have scored eight goals in seven games this season, but in addition to Madison’s two solo attempts, there was a long-time goalkeeper Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall against him. Brentfordwhich is a special comic goal thanks to ArsenalHere, the punishment. In other words, Leicester isn’t really creating chances. Their expected goal number (xG) in the offensive sense is the second worst in the league, behind them Bournemouth. Their projected goals against number (xGA) are not as bad as their simple goals against figure, although this is partly because Ward seemed rather unlucky at times and conceded goals he shouldn’t have, which can’t be taken as much positive.

A common feature is Rodgers’ inability to use the bench effectively this season. They looked at home and dried up on the opening day against Brentford, 2-0. Then Thomas Frank changed the look and changed the game. Rodgers could not reply and the match ended 2-2. that set the tone. No manager has made fewer substitutions per game than Rodgers this season and felt it was fitting that at Spurs, Antonio Conte had featured. Yves Bisoma They moved from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2, with Soma immediately starting the move to score the fourth goal for Tottenham. All three recent Spurs goals, of course, have come from Son, a substitute.

OK, so Rodgers can’t offer the current Golden Boot knuckle holder like Conti’s can. But he could present the winner of the Golden Boot two years ago, Jimmy Vardy. His seat appeared here too Kelechi IheanachoAnd the Mark AlbrightonAnd the Ayoz Perez And the Dennis Bright, who previously looked like good players in the upper half. Others, such as Sumari, Luke Thomas And the Daniel Amartyare good enough shaping options, too.

This is not a bad band. For all the discussion about Leicester’s lack of activity in the transfer market, they ultimately lost out on key players only in the summer. The first, Kasper Schmeichel, is a huge mistake, but losing your goalkeeper doesn’t explain such a mess on the field. other, Wesley FofanaHe played only seven games last season due to injury, so his absence should not be considered a new problem.

Rodgers partly explained Leicester’s poor performance by pointing to some tricky opponents in their first seven games. “There is no doubt, in the seven matches, we had a difficult start. After our summer, we had Tottenham away, Chelsea away, Arsenal away and Manchester United away.”

Which is fair enough, but tWe’ve already got gifts in two of these games. Chelsea Down to 10 men for over an hour, when Conor Gallagher He was sent off at 0-0, and Leicester lost 2-1. Davinson Sanchezcrazy challenge on James Justin Leicester gave a solid start with one goal here, but they lost 6-2.

Rodgers is basically a very good manager and even if he leaves Leicester he should be considered to have done very well at four clubs in a row – SwanseaAnd the LiverpoolAnd the Celtic And Lester. Few managers can point to this record.

But there was always a feeling that his side had a certain level of mental fragility. It was an extraordinary feat for his side Liverpool, 33-1 away at the start of 2013-14, even as they contend for the title. But once preference, they blew it up.

Similarly, twice with Leicester City, Rodgers’ side was not expected to finish in the top four, but in a very strong position which then faded in hindsight. until the FA cup victory 2021, Something Leicester will always remember as a great day in their historyAnd Rodgers will always cherish that perhaps his most famous moment, he was lucky. Leicester were awful that day and were saved by Tillmans’ incredible long-range drive, Schmeichel’s heroics and a late VAR decision.

You won’t become a bad manager overnight, and the possibility is that if Leicester maintains his trust with Rodgers, he will guide them for survival. But the fact that we are even talking about survival shows how desperate the situation has become.

Rodgers is a good coach, Leicester has a good squad and both would be fine without each other. However, things together just don’t work out, and Rodgers seems to accept it. “THe said, almost feeling that he was encouraging them, the owners will do what they need to do.

(Top Image: Clive Rose/Getty Images)