LeFrancois, Maue, and Obreshkov Crush GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event Day 1C

.’s third departure The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Main Event I played yesterday today GGPoker103 players qualified for the second day of the tournament. A handful of notable names have finished off the list of today’s top ten 1C chips, with the likes of Stoyan ObrichkovAnd the Leonard “Loto Larry” Mao and Canada Pascal to Francois Great packing.

Day 1c saw 691 players pay the $5,000 sign-up fee, bringing the total to 1,813, and the current number of players as of day 2, 239. The WSOP online main event guarantees $20 million, but only $86,11,750 of that has been completed. collected. There are still five launch flights, so there are still plenty of opportunities to ensure a mammoth eclipse.

Locke “AAalataKK” Bendel It was the player who would lead the largest cumulative sum to the next stage and join Shing “Mai_K_4_Life” isAnd the Marius GersAnd the David YangAnd the Leonard “Shiogurat” Mendes And the Alexandro “Lexandro” Baron As the only entrants with seven-digit chip stacks.

Famous faces who tried their luck but couldn’t go the distance are included Jessica TeussellAnd the Wiktor Malinowski The Ambassador of Natural8 Chen’s house. Those who haven’t booked their seats on Day Two can try again on Sunday, September 18 as Day One begins.

WSOP Online Main Event Day 1C Top 10 Chips

place player country Chips
1 Locke “AAalataKK” Bendel France 1,341,648
2 Dr. Willie Mexico 991840
3 “BAExDAS” Kazakhstan 964461
4 Stoyan Obrichkov Bulgaria 943,045
5 Gabi Blue Pipe Holland 936111
6 Leonard “Loto Larry” Mao Germany 920141
7 Gabriel “Kingmave9111” re Italia 878.640
8 Pascal to Francois Canada 869341
9 “Tadk” Israel 861890
10 Franco “Bellaguacha” Spital Argentina 75426

Complete Schedule of GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event

WSOP Gold Bracelet Heading to Ireland

Shawn Brindiville
Shawn Brindiville

Shawn Brindiville He got his first online bracelet for the 2022 World Series of Poker WSOP for Ireland last week, having been the last man standing at it. Event #20: $888 Crazy EIGHTS Bounty 8-Handed NLH. It was also Prendiville’s first bracelet win and became the eighth Irishman to win a piece of WSOP (excluding circuit ring winners).

Prendiville took home the first place prize of $66,770 and received an additional $84,902 in final payday bonus of $151672.

The tournament saw 1,922 entries and resulted in a final prize pool of $1,621,399. The top 278 players made money with a minimum cash prize of $1,186.

Class Siegbrechtwho won Event #2: $1,111 per 1 War Relieffinished third and saw an additional $60,532 on his way. Mantas “boobsofsteal” Bagocius (4th – $55,201 USD), Idollar gold is my slave (5th – $55,201) and Cimbolas shrubs (7th place – $28,783) Other names have been known to secure big scores.

Event #20: $888 Crazy Eight 8-Handed NLH Final Table

place player country bounty will be spent overall prize
1 Sean “quackhouse” Prendiville Ireland $84,902 $66,770 $151672
2 “v_Nistelrooy” Russia $36,990 66607 dollars $103,597
3 Class Siegbrecht Germany $111,117 $49,415 $60,532
4 Mantas “boobsofsteal” Bagocius Lithuania $18.585 $36616 55,201 dollars
5 Idollar gold is my slave Israel $15,960 $27132 $43,092
6 “Yermalinga” Austria $5,270 20105 dollars $25375
7 Cimbolas shrubs Lithuania 13,886 dollars $14897 $28783
8 “ROLLINGDR0NE” Poland $11261 $11,039 $22,300

The rest of the GGPoker schedule online

Date day UTC Event in the purchase guarantee
September 12 Monday 17:00 #22: $1,050 from WSOP GGMasters HR Freezeout NLH [Day 2] $1050 $2,000,000
September 12 Monday 18:00 #23: $400 from SNAP [Bounty, Final Stage] 400 dollars 1,000,000 dollars
September -13 Tuesday 18:00 #24: $2100 Bounty NLH Championship $2100
September – 15 Thursday 18:00 #25: $315 Superstack Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em $315
September -17 he sat 18:00 21st place: Women’s Unlimited Hold’em Championship, $500 [Day 2] 500 dollars
September -17 he sat 18:00 No. 26: $600 DOUBLE CHANCE NLH [2-Stack] 600 dollars
September -18 Sun 18:00 No. 27: $1500 No-Limit Hold’em 1500 dollars
September -19 Monday 18:00 Number 28: Giant $400 [Final Day] 400 dollars 3,000,000 dollars
September -20 Tuesday 18:00 No. 29: $5,000 Short Surface Championship [3-Stack] 5000 dollars
September 22 Thursday 18:00 No. 30: Holdem $840 for 6-Handed Bounty No-Limit $840
September 24 he sat 18:00 #31: $1,050 beat The Pros Bounty Freezeout $1050
September 25 Sun 18:00 #32: $400 The Closer NLH [Series Saver] 400 dollars
September -26 Monday 18:00 #33: $5000 Online Main Event [Day 2] 5000 dollars $20,000,000

Jacopo Achille becomes one of the winners of the WSOP bracelet on GGPoker

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