Lance Taylor is believed to be the first U of L Native American football coach

Lit only through a single window in the back of the room, the corner office of first-year Louisville offensive coordinator Lance Taylor is decked out with playing balls, photos and various football paraphernalia. The back wall is a whiteboard covered in Xs and Os after a conversation he had just had with a member of Cardinals’ support team.

Taylor’s desk is like that of any other soccer coach. But there’s also something unique about his room: a bright blue dream catcher mounted on the wall to the right of his desk.

It is a reminder of his legacy.

While his mother, Susan, is white, Taylor’s father, James Taylor, is too From the Choctaw tribe MOWA, on the Mobile-Washington County (MOWA) line in Alabama. Although the small group, consisting of about 300 within the tribal area, is not federally recognized, it has its own small community on a reservation.