Jumbo Pack: Nick Saban talks about three young players ahead of the season opener

Saban has kept his usual Wednesday press conference fairly short this week.

The last time Crimson Tide didn’t open a season inside an NFL stadium was in 2011 when UA welcomed Kent State, Nick Saban’s league, to Tuscaloosa. Every season since then, Alabama has played with a Power 5 opponent in places like Atlanta or Dallas, but with Crimson Tide shifting its scheduling philosophy to the Home and Home series, this year is different.

“We have always played neutral site games in the past due to scheduling issues,” Saban said. “It’s been a great experience for fans for a long time, and we’ve always been able to get a really good opponent to play. But we kind of changed the philosophies of trying to get games on the home ground so we could play really good opponents at home and abroad. We think Utah State is an opponent. Good, and it’s always great to play at home. I know the players are looking forward to it.”

Nick also made it clear that he didn’t want his players (paraphrased) to play hard because they were in front of their fans. He wants them to play at their best no matter what pitch they are on.

On the case of infected freshmen Aaron Anderson, Isaiah Hastings, Earl Little, Elijah Pritchett…

“It makes no difference. I’m not going to file an injury report here every week, OK? When these guys are ready to play we’ll let you know. They’re all seriously injured. Some are training in the black jersey, and there’s no real timeline for when they’ll be back.”

yes. Nick is definitely very short with us this week. There is no time for long discourses and philosophy when there is an opponent to be erased on the Sabbath.

He got more chatting later on on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s conference call:

On former Alabama linebacker Drew Sanders, now based in Arkansas…

“He’s a good guy, a really good football player, and he played really well for us last year. He had an unfortunate injury that knocked him out, and he probably would have been a regular player here this year. I’m sure he’s probably going to do a really good job as he’s there in Arkansas. He’s a great competitor. He’s a good person. So I can’t say enough good things about him.”

of. Sanders was a really strong player in Alabama last year and he got injured, so I think he felt the Dallas Turner come on and pick up 8 sacks in half a season instead.

By the sound, Sanders, had he been a little more patient, could probably be next to Henry Two at the quarterback this season…the same move he’s already made at Arkansas, pulling off a rushing pass to the linebacker off the ball.

On Kobe Prentice, Jaheim Oatis, and Terrion Arnold before what could be their first beginnings…

“They have all played really well and made really good progress. It will be interesting to see how they all react when the fur is flying and they are out there in real competition, if they can just keep playing and playing to do the job the way we think they can do it. But I think That in the opening matches you will find out a lot about your team and learn a lot about the individual players, especially the young players. We have a lot of confidence in these guys, but it will be a great test for them.”

These three players were all a surprise in the deep graph, which is always exciting. I was particularly concerned about Tide receivers lacking the kind of high-octane threat and great gameplay, so Prentice rocketing into the depth scheme as a freshman might be what gets me most excited about Game 1.

NCAA Division I Board of Directors adopted One major change to move the portal rules on Wednesday, but he chose not to activate another.

Under the new law, athletes will be required to file a notice of intent to move within certain “windows” that vary by sport. Here are those parameters:

• In fall sports such as soccer, athletes will be required to provide notice that they intend to move within 45 days of “championship selection” (ie announcement of pairs bowling) or May 1-15, in order to be eligible to play the next season.

This, at least, is a good NCAA move to reduce the absolute chaos of the transfer gate into more manageable time slots. This would have been awesome a couple of years ago…but hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

Brown lost his spot on his roster to Luke Tenuta, an offensive tackle awarded to the Colts after being ceded to him by the Buffalo Bills.

Brown stayed with the Colts, though, by signing with the Indianapolis coaching staff. As a seasoned veteran, Brown didn’t have to go through compromises.

Mostly just something to confuse the roster of players here, and he’ll still be in the coaching squad, which means he’ll rise to the active roster 6 times before the team decides they want to pay his veteran fighter salary to his full salary to play more for them.

If not…any team in the league can take him. It’s a good deal for someone who is basically a free agent with an offer of 6 games.

Finally, Baltimore remains a major supporter of Alabama alumni:

Released by Las Vegas Raiders Last week, ran back Kenyan Drake He returned to the NFL on Wednesday by signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens were counting on fullbacks Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins to return after missing the entire 2021 season. But Edwards is not ready and will miss at least the first four games of the 2022 season, Baltimore coach Jon Harpo wasn’t sure Monday if Dobbins is available for the season opener on September 11th.

Drake had some really great moments in Miami and Arizona, but he couldn’t find his groove in Vegas. Running back careers are noticeably short, so this would likely be Drake’s last stop if he didn’t do well for himself… and the Baltimore offense would probably be one of the best in the NFL. The Ravens are exceptional at designing running schemes, and the ever-present threat to Lamar Jackson tends to prevent defenses from getting in on the right-back RB.

tide roll!