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I think we can all use more positive reinforcement in our lives. Imagine you’re typing away at your desk job (come on, it’s not too much to guess you’re reading this at work) when your boss sends you a message. They say “hello”. “You set a record! I contributed positively to 13 meetings in a row. I would like to take the webcam you were using for those meetings and put it in the Hall of Fame.”

Wouldn’t that be cool? Sure, it doesn’t make sense, but let’s say your job is important enough that people actually go into that Hall of Fame. It would be great! Look, the bras the manager wore while proposing casual Fridays for the first time. Look at the napkins left behind from your first successful business lunch. I will enjoy getting credit for random records once in a while. It’s good to do something no one has done before.

Setting up a record, that is, a record, is inherently fascinating. But setting a record for something everyone who does your job always tries to do? This is a completely different level. Example: JP Feyereisen He’s out for the rest of the year, which means he’ll set a recent record for the season finale.

It’s not even silly, like most coffin throws without scoring a starting point or highest thread rate in blasting games. No, it’s going for something we all care about: ERA. Feyereisen has cast 24.1 innings this year. Earned running was not allowed. This is the most run anyone has taken in a post-merger season in a single season without a run allowed. The only bowler to throw more innings in a season and finish with 0.00 ERA can Earl Morwho scored 26 points in 1908.

“Most roles without X records” are inherently unstable. You won’t see anyone set that record in a healthy season; It’s simply too many roles. Jacob DegromThe massive 2021 was cut short by injury and was also one of the most dominant seasons, on a per role basis, ever. 11 earned rounds are still allowed. To subtract 0.00 ERA, you need to define your roles.

But of course, if you limit your roles too much, you will not set the record. Since 1901, only four shooters have finished the season with at least 20 rounds and 0.00 ERA, and two of them hit exactly 20. It’s tough! If you’re good enough to subtract 0.00 PM for 20 rounds, your team will probably want to use you a lot. But if your team uses you a lot, you probably won’t have 0.00 ERA for long, even if the extra roles you give them are very valuable.

Feyereisen fits into this category. Rays has used it on medium to high leverage positions since it acquired it in a trade with Brewers early in 2021 (Feyereisen and Drew Rasmussen for Willie Adams, if you keep the score at home). Keep using it in those places because it’s still worth it; He has a 1.48 ERA since joining the team last season, the third best mark in the major leagues during that time. Even in a thick Rays Bullpen with shock arms, it was one of the best.

I wanted to know more, so I spoke to Feyereisen about it. Did he know he was using the heater at the beginning of this year? He did not escape his notice. “Yeah, I knew that, but I didn’t really want to think about it. He actually told me I go on those lines sometimes.” When I was first recruited, I entered 31 rounds in my pro career before I gave up on my first. And in the last year with the Brewers before I got traded, I’ve run 17 times without giving up on tour. I have a period of a month and a half or two where everything feels fine and rolls over for me.”

Of course, nothing lasts forever, something he knows very well. “A lot of times in baseball, it’s luck too. I had one ball that I should have been Homer at the time, and (Josh) Lowe rob it. It could have run. You definitely have to make things work your way in baseball. There is definitely a bit of luck.”

The fact that luck was involved doesn’t mean Feyereisen didn’t pay attention to his spotless streak. “I knew, and my colleagues knew. When I finally finished this year, Jason Adam He came up to me and said, “Okay, congratulations on 0.00 this year’s afternoon.” You can believe that luck involves everything you want; Appearing in 22 games without allowing a winning round takes a lot of skill.

A quick digression: I kept saying “earned profit” because Feyereisen gave up on the unearned run, but it wasn’t one of those boundary calls that could have gone either way. In a showdown against the Orioles, he had two teams when Vidal Brogan Smoothing the hitter to second place. Established the first and second with two outs. Robinson Sherinos Then hit the ball on the nose directly in the Randy Arosarina, who simply dropped it, and scored one of the runs in the play. Talk about bad luck.

Regardless, Feyereisen’s season remains flawless when it comes to the crown jewel of promotion stats, the ERA. This makes him the only modern-day shooter who does this perfect job. “I think that’s cool. I wouldn’t even know that until someone alerted me about it,” he told me. It’s impressive despite being a record only thanks to his season being cut short due to injury. “Have you bid for an entire season? No, would I have given up running? Yeah, 100% at one point I would have given up running, this is just a baseball game. If you think you’re not going to give up running at all, you will push yourself to think about it.” .but the fact that I was able to do it, yes it’s still awesome. I’m one of two to ever do it.”

Saying it’s one of two might change it. Moore, who scored 26 in 1908, did so in three games. Baseball was very different back then; Less competitive, fewer points, more fouls – Moore allowed four unearned laps that year. Furthermore, he only had to be good at three matches. Doing that over 22 appearances, as Verizen did, means more chances to hiccup, more chances to simply not get it on that day, fewer chances to take on a team mired in funk and add a sizable chunk of goalless innings in a single day. He pointed to Josh HaderThe appearance of 40 games without goals is one of the most remarkable achievements of our time, and I am inclined to agree.

I don’t want to fall victim to that traditional trap of analyzing baseball to build the story of something that changes when nothing really changes. A good bowler like Feyereisen is always a threat to go in a negative streak only by virtue of being good overall. But something has really changed this year for him – his mindset. “In the past, walking was kind of my way, I walk a lot of guys,” he said. “I went into this year thinking, I’m going to do my best, and you’ll be in the zone. Basically, that’s what my mindset was: Throw it over the board and see what happens. Progress helped me either eliminate players or get a weaker connection, and the mindset of Getting the ball over the board and getting it into the passive count is a lot faster.”

A quick look at the numbers confirms that his punching mentality has paid off. With the Brewers, Feyereisen had a first strike rate of 55.2%. With Rays, it jumped to 67.1%, which is one of the best marks in the game. He’s only eclipsed 5.8% of his opponents this year, which would be impressive to anyone, but especially anyone who entered the year with a career score of 14%.

Feyereisen credits the Rays coaching staff with his newfound prowess in striking throwing. “Since I’ve been here, the thing they tell me is to throw it over the plate and see what happens. What’s the worst case scenario, they hit a solo shot? It’s better than walking the guy and giving up the dinger plate. Let’s put the ball on top of the plate and put it in the baseball odds.” They’d be knocked out seven times out of 10 even if they were a Hall of Famer.”

Is it really as easy as just deciding to throw hits? Well kind of. “It’s a commitment not only from me, but from the makers behind the dish,” Verezen said. “Early in my career, the plan was to try and steal the first hit with something the hitter couldn’t control. With Rays we just see what the first 0-0 is, and if we get a hit, we’re in command and we can attack. I think that’s the difference. It helped me a lot.”

Feyereisen makes it crystal clear, as if the commitment to throwing hits can turn a steely shooter into a record maker. However, for his approach to flooding the area to pay dividends, he needs to flood the area with high-quality playgrounds. Knowing if speculators can hit it works best when they are less likely to hit it.

To this end, Feyereisen credits the Brewers Organization. He’s always been throwing a quick four-backseam ball that circles the opposing hitters, but he’s learned the best secondary court fairly recently. “The Brewers taught me my own change. I have never had a change in the minor leagues, and they taught me one. Might be my best rated show right now.” (For what it’s worth, his Fastball still scales better, at least according to our numbers, but change is a close second.)

After the Brewers helped him make his arsenal, Rays helped him refine it. Feyereisen credits Rays for focusing on his best – in his case, attacking with two excellent pitches. “[The Rays] They are really good at finding guys who are really good at something and say “Hey, let’s do this a lot”. They take guys who have teams to either DFA’ed or release them and turn them into something. They find that little thing that you have, and they turn it into something big.” It sounds simple, but it’s deceptively hard to strip things off without changing what makes a great bowler in the first place. Of course, if it were easy, there would have been more of a difference to doing it.

Feyereisen won’t be joining the Tampa Bay lit team in the post-season this year, but he will keep a close eye on them — and enjoy. Like the rest of us, he shines deep in them. “No team in the big leagues can match our team from head to toe,” he told me. “From one to eight, we only have a set of weapons, and it is very interesting to look at the stats and [see] Everyone turns off the lights. It makes baseball more fun when everyone is bad instead of just one or two guys.”

Opposition hitters are probably happy that he is not currently part of this supplement. Feyereisen sarcastically allowed .112 wOBA this year; This is worse than the total hitting streak jugs In 2021. When he took the hill, opposition to insults crumbled to dust. This number may have increased over time. It is almost certain, in fact, that it will rise over time. Meanwhile, Feyereisen would surely have traded a few winning runs to not miss the season balance with injury. But with the Silver Championships still going, a record that could last forever isn’t half bad. Whatever the rest of Verizen’s career may be, his 2022 season is unprecedented.