Joe Haden on whether Mike Tomlin will turn into Kenny Beckett: ‘It’s not a fast reactor’

As the Pittsburgh Steelers played another offensively ineffective game, questions about starting quarterback Mitchell Trubesky continue to arise. That is, many are considering why manager Mike Tomlin didn’t stop Trubesky from picking the team’s first-round midfielder in Kenny Beckett. Recently retired cornerstone and five-year Joe Haden Stiller focused on Tomlin’s training style and potential modifications, including under the center, on Rich Eisen Show Friday.

“I think Coach Tomlin would do a great job studying the tape,” Hadden said when asked about the Steelers’ outing against Cleveland. “Showing they are two small things and changes we could have made yesterday. The Steelers could have easily won this match yesterday. He’s not a fast reactor, he’s going to watch the tape, go see what’s going on, and train some guys. Like I said, just win third a little bit more, and Nick stops Chap from running the ball.”

The Steelers’ offense was one-for-nine in the third transfers, struggling to contain Nick Chap’s comeback in key positions. It is unreasonable to point to these two aspects as the main reasons for the Steelers’ loss and improvement points. As Haden mentioned, the game against Cleveland was within reach of the Steelers, and some third downward transfers and Chap stops may have changed the outcome.

“Coach Tomlin is very self-aware,” Haden continued. “I think he knows the heartbeat of this team. He’s able to talk to us in a very transparent way if you don’t perform. He’ll go there, he’ll be on Trubisky, on the line, on everyone, so you know where you stand and you know you need to get your stuff.”

Coach Tomlin has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense, transparent coach to his players and the media. This is more prevalent when the team is suffering, as Tomlin is well known to take responsibility when it’s due.

This kind of accountability might be the best way to deal with Thursday’s loss and prepare for the fourth week. Hiring the midfielder initially is a big decision, and it might be best if Tomlin isn’t in a hurry to do so despite the outside pressure. The truth is that Trubisky is in his first season with the team, and a learning curve is expected. While starting Pickett can have its payoff and likely be the right move, the exact opposite is more likely if not more so. On top of that, changing the quarterback may not be the primary problem the team needs to fix, with Trubisky struggling as often as Ben Roethlisberger did in 2021.

Upcoming team opponents include the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles. All four of these games will be tested for Pittsburgh, and the seasoned and experienced quarterback gives them the best chance. As the team prepares to take a long break before their week four outing against the New York Jets, focusing on team-oriented issues such as the third down transfers and defense runs may be best. Tomlin doesn’t seem to be in a rush to make any changes at center back, and that’s fine at the moment.