Jimmy Garoppolo of Team 49 is one of KJ Wright’s worst decisions

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback KJ Wright knows what it’s like to face Jimmy Garoppolo, which explains exactly why he reacted so forcefully when asked about the transfer of the veteran’s 49 players for Tre Lance.

“One of the worst decisions I’ve seen in a very long time, I have to be honest with you,” Wright said on 95.7 The Game “Steiny and Guru” on Thursday. “I’m not a fan of this move at all. You have Jimmy J on your team. He almost brought you to the promised land. What more do you want from a guy?”

“Keep going with Jimmy G and if you’re not going to roll with Jimmy G, swap him for another team because no quarterback wants to develop a better midfielder than his team.” [shoulder], seen. So Jimmy G needs to trade. I didn’t like this move at all.”

The 49ers made a plan to go from Garoppolo to Lance when they traded in the 2021 NFL Draft to pick the North Dakota State star with the No. 3 overall pick.

The idea was that Garoppolo would play the entire 2021 season while Lance would watch, learn and occasionally play. Then, the 49 players would swap for Garoppolo this past season, allowing Lance to take over.

With the exception of Garoppolo he underwent shoulder surgery early in the season, torpedoing any potential commercial interest. Although there were a few teams that looked like they could use Garoppolo as pre-season progressed, no deal materialized and the 49ers had no desire to simply release him.

So, in an astonishing move, with the rosters needing to be reduced to 53 before the 2022 NFL season, the 49ers and Garoppolo agreed to cut wages to keep him on the roster as Lance’s reserve, creating one of the bizarre situations in recent history.

And with Lance struggling in 49ers lost in the first week To the Chicago Bears last Sunday, invitations to Garoppolo will be lifted to the back For a start it only grew louder.

As Wright points out, the competition window for the Super Bowl is always small, and forty players are currently in that window.

There are still many players on the roster who were on the team that reached the top of the sport three years ago while also making it to the NFC Championship game last year.

“If I’m a guy in this locker room, I don’t care who I traded for, I don’t care how many recruiting choices I gave, I want the best players on the football field,” Wright said. Matt Steinmetz and Daryl Johnson. “So I know it’s very frustrating for these players. It’s just one match. Let’s give the young man some time to develop and grow.

“But you know what you’ve got in tenth place Jimmy Garoppolo. So, a very frustrating situation, and I’m sure these guys want to get things sorted as fast as they can.”

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Lance will face former Wright side on Sunday as 49ers (0-1) host NFC West-Lead Seahawks (1-0) at Levi Stadium.

While coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch said the 49 players are Lance’s team, the sophomore season. He still has a lot to prove To the outside world, including Wright, who knows what Garoppolo can do.

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