Jim Harbo wants Guinness World Records to use QB

Ann Arbor, Michigan. – Jim Harbo The Michigan soccer team even tested the knowledge of its most loyal fan last Saturday, with eight different quarterbacks getting shots of the Wolverines as they beat UConn.

There was JJ McCarthy, the starter, who completed 15 of 18 passes for 214 yards. Cady McNamara He got a lead near the end of the first half and completed a pass to set up a field goal. Then it came Davis WarrenAnd the Alan BowmanAnd the Alex OrjiAnd the jayden denmarkAnd the Brandon Mann And Andy Maddox.

That’s eight back players – everyone on the list is in the center except Declan BaleA real novice student who prefers to walk. Seven of them completed passes in a 59-0 win.

which has Jim Harbo and his staff (and a few correspondents) Digging in the record books.

“It should be the Guinness Book of World Records for seven quarterbacks completing a pass in a game,” Harbaugh said Monday night on the “Inside Michigan Football” radio show.

“I think that’s a record in Michigan. [Associate Athletic Director] Dave Ablauf seen it. It goes back to the ’50s and ’40s, when there was a Wing-T and four or five back-to-back players throwing a pass in the match. But I think the seven are the most in Michigan history. In any case, this may be the first in the history of football that seven players receive a pass per match.”

So far, no official word has come from Guinness or the Michigan football program. After all, college football has been played for over 150 years, and the statistics – even for the biggest programs – can be a little tricky.

Even within the Michigan program, there can be competitors for the record. Fritz Kreisler and his “Mad Spies” team won a national championship in 1947 thanks in large part to their deceptive offensive schemes.

For now, though, Harbaugh loves what he has in his room in the middle. Sophomore JJ McCarthy has proven himself as a rookie and with Cady McNamara Because of the injury, he got a lot of backups on live actors. Maybe a record…or maybe not.

“I like the three men very much: Davis WarrenAnd the Alan BowmanAnd the Alex OrjiHarbo said. “They’re all getting delegates today, they’re all doing really well and the team has confidence in all three. It could be a combination. Excited for this group.”


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