Jerry Summers: The United States and China are making peace

During the last week of August 2022, diplomatic relations and global problems between China and America were peacefully resolved without tough sanctions and threats of nuclear war.

President Biden, Vice President Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, all the Trump juniors, Pat Buchanan, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, etc., were not responsible for solving the problem of stopping the world from collapsing due to nuclear destruction.

The ability to coexist peacefully ended Sunday, August 28, when some baseball players between the ages of 8 and 12 demonstrated a diplomatic figure on the slope of Central Heights in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at the Little League World Series (LLBWS).

In a stadium built for less than $80 million on Westside in Chattanooga in accordance with the dictatorship of major baseball educators, four teams from Curacao, Hawaii, China Taipei and Tennessee demonstrated more realistic and international diplomacy than any proposed photo shoot. by politicians and other so-called world leaders combined. (Unfortunately, the Russians under Putin, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc., did not send teams.)

We hope that the world will survive the alleged greed and incompetence of adults so that young people can reach the age of adult leadership and perhaps resolve existing differences.

Junior baseball began on June 6, 1939, and the first World Championships was held in 1947, 75 years ago. Karl Statz, along with his wife and other family members, is credited with being the original creators of the Little League concept.

From the start with three teams, Little League Baseball is claimed to be the largest organized youth sports program in the world. Over the six-decade period, the program has grown from those three teams to nearly 200,000 teams in all 50 US states and more than 80 countries.

The original goals remain the same as in 1932 – “to give the children of the world a game that provides the basic principles (sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork) that they can use later in life to become good citizens”.

Nolensville, Tennessee has appeared 10 times in the LLBWS and reached the finals on one occasion. (Evidence that Middle Tennessee had a better program for Team Farm then the much-loved Chattanooga Observatory founded by Joe Engle.)

The Chinese – Taipei and Nullensville both played in the consolation match after losing to Curacao and Hawaii in the semi-final match.

Taipei will prevail with a score of 2-0. Teams congratulated each other with handshakes, hugs and good sportsmanship. There were no punches or threats of sanctions or nuclear bombs.

Nolensville was awarded the 2022 Jack Losch LLBWS Team Sportsman based on their display of sportsmanship on and off the field.

(If only adults in Russia, China, US, etc. can show the same level of maturity!)

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