‘It looked like a Premier League game’

Arrigo Sacchi believes that Milan put in an encouraging performance against Napoli, but will not count for the failure to take chances.

All three goals came in the second half as Napoli put their noses ahead with a penalty awarded after the VAR review and Matteo Politano scored. Olivier Giroud emerged with another big goal to put a runway end with a tie, and the frenetic pace continued.

However, it was Giovanni Simeone who ended up scoring the winning goal for Partenopei in the final 20 minutes of the match with a masterful header, the result meaning Luciano Spalletti’s men are three points ahead of Atalanta.

Saki spoke to Gazzetta dello sport In his usual weekly column to absorb the match at San Siro, starting with his general feelings after what he’s been playing at high intensity all along.

“It is a pity that the referee whistled the final whistle. I would have been in front of the TV for hours. All the players of both teams as well as the referee were very good. He was forced, but he always let him play.”

“For me, it was like a Premier League-style game: there are few matches of this level in Italy and in a very sensitive period for our football it is important that we get these matches.”

Could the result be fair?

“No, I’ll say it right away. It would probably be a tough draw for Milan, in terms of how they dominated the pitch and the chances that were created. But we must add that Napoli not only stole anything but also proved that they are alive. There is a tactic on either side: in a country where tactics are everywhere, and only damage is done, credit is due.”

In the first half, the Rossoneri attacked their opponents and also took control, but they were not clinical in the last twenty meters …

“Very good in pressing, at stealing the ball. Napoli was behaving cautiously at the beginning. But the Pioli boys lack the finishing touches. It should also be noted that Merit managed to save twice, but if he controls a lot, he should produce more”.

In the second half, Napoli changed their strategy and kept their heads away…

“They really started at the end of the first half, then had the courage and always tried to turn the game around. This Kvaratskhelia is always dangerous: defenders always have to play to the max when they face him. At San Siro he got booked by Kjaer, Calabria, who were then forced out, and led That’s a penalty kick.”

What is the key to such a great match?

“Pace. A frenetic pace especially in the second half. Milan attacked and Napoli responded immediately. We must congratulate Pioli and Spalletti: their teams believe in what they do and this is the merit of those who lead them”.

Milan’s reaction after Politano’s penalty was violent, and the team’s reaction was outstanding. what do you think?

“They immediately hit the throttle, Brahim Diaz gave a good jolt and then Theo Hernandez is already phenomenal. Giroud’s equalizer did great.”

Was there something you didn’t like about Milan?

“I liked everything and Pioli must be satisfied with this team’s performance. The only thing inconsistent is the result, but the great team has the resources to respond. Here, analyzing the performance of the individuals, I might have expected something more from De Ketelaere. And even the Saelemaekers weren’t up to it. But the rest worked. In defense they were good, in midfield they let the ball spin, and perhaps Giroud, up front, played his best match.”

The work leading up to Simeone’s crucial goal was also great…

“Wonderful? Better. He protects the ball, defends it and passes it to Mario Rui and goes into the attacking space while his teammate passes it right on his head. Perfect.”

But on this occasion, has Milan’s defense looked a bit static?

In such situations it is difficult to intervene. Simeone took Tomori’s time and did something extraordinary.”

And as proof that the match was always on edge, Milan came close to a tie until the end…

“What a casual, Kalulu! He made 80 meters from the field after stopping an opponent close to his own area, then missed by centimeters. But Milan showed that they are always there.”