Is the San Francisco 49ers really better with Jimmy Garoppolo? | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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Quarterback Trey Lance and the San Francisco 49ers went into Week 2 of the 2022 season feeling the pressure after a sloppy loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 1 where the franchise’s young caller didn’t play well.

If the San Francisco’s struggle continues at home against the Seattle Seahawks, it’s likely to be grumbling that the team would have been better off with Jimmy Garoppolo under center this season.

Well, the 49ers got the win they needed in a certain way. However, this win came at a heavy price.

Early in the competition, Lance sustained an ankle injury that ended his season. Now the 49ers will go the rest of the way with the quarterback the team spent the most time trying to unload.

And believe it or not, San Francisco’s chances of making another deep cut-off might be better for her.

After leading the 49ers in dash attempts (13) and dash yards (54) in the first week, Lance Reporters That this wasn’t a college and he needed to be more careful while running the ball.

“I’m no bigger, faster, and stronger than just about anyone else,” Lance said. “Men clear faster, space is full, men close faster, and I have to learn to protect myself, only to be in a different situation knowing how important it is to stay healthy.”

These words will prove prophetic.

While running the ball over a reading area guard late in the first quarter, Lance was stopped by Seahawks midfielder Cody Barton. His right leg bent under him, and after trying to get up it turned out that something was seriously wrong.

The Lance was placed in an antenna mold and moved off the field. In his post-match pressure, Kyle Shanahan emphasized the worst-case scenario: Lance fractured his ankle and will have surgery at the end of the season.

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Kyle Shanahan told reporters that Tre Lance broke his ankle and will have surgery at the end of the season on Monday.

It’s a rough end to a season that started with high expectations. Aside from the first week’s struggles, there was no shortage of analysts who expected big things from Lance in 2022. Lance himself told ESPN Nick Wagner Before the season he was keen to show what he can do and how much he has developed as a player.

“I had a great bootcamp,” Lance said, “There are ups and downs every day, every rep. So I’m learning as much as I can. There are countless areas I know I’ll keep improving and a myriad of areas I’ve improved as well.”

Now, it will be 2023 before the 49 players who have staked their futures in order to forge their own can take the reins at the center. Meanwhile, the team has to hand the offense over to the man they drafted Lance to replace him.

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After spending plenty of time suggesting Garoppolo’s San Francisco days were over, the team couldn’t find enough compensation in the trade or had reservations about not having insurance behind Lance.

But even after restructuring Garoppolo’s contract to bring him back as Lance’s backup, Shanahan said just last week that the Niners might still consider taking him.

“Just like all players, we will listen to anyone about anything,” Shanahan said to reporters. “That never changes for any player or coach. We will always listen to anyone.”

For his part, Garoppolo said after the ink had dried on his reworked deal that he does not expect to return with the 49ers either.

“[Returning] It wasn’t really on my mind, to be quite honest, ‘Garoppolo Reporters. “I was training here. I had to be here, so I was here for that. I was just trying to get my body right. … I felt so confident in there, and I knew I was ready to go. I just needed to figure out where she was. And things kind of went in her place for the past few days.”

Now, move that Some speculated He could cause a quarterback controversy in San Francisco that could instead save the team’s season.

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Garoppolo is not the second coming of Joe Montana. Or Steve Young. His numbers against the Seahawks are, in some ways, a microcosm of his career.

Against Seattle, Garoppolo was good but not great—13 completions in 21 attempts for 154 yards and touchdowns. The 30-year-old added another touchdown on the ground and posted a passing average of just over 100.

There’s a reason 49 people traded three first-round picks to take Lance. Garoppolo is not dynamic. He doesn’t have a cannon to arm. He’s not particularly athletic.

He’s not Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herbert – a player who can put a team on its back and lead it single-handedly to victory. He’s a good NFL quarterback, but he’s not a great player.

However, the truth is, we don’t know if Lance is cool either. Not by a long shot. And while there are some things that Garoppolo doesn’t have, there are also quite a few that he does.

Garoppolo may not have Lance’s arm strength or movement, but at this point in his career, he’s totally more accurate. Having started 45 games over five seasons for Shanahan, he knows boldness inside and out.

He’s played quite a few big games, including the start at Super Bowl LIV. He’s respectable in the locker room. He’s definitely not your typical backup midfielder.

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More importantly for a 49ers with aspirations of not only making post-season but doing damage once they get there, Garoppolo is the winner.

QB wins may not be the most accurate measure of a caller’s capabilities, but the fact that Garoppolo has a higher win percentage in San Francisco than Aaron Rodgers does in Green Bay. In two of the past three seasons, he has led at least 49ers in regards to the NFC title game.

This is not a situation where Shanahan now has to throw half the attack out the window to accommodate the limitations of a player who has rarely played, you know.

Are there things Lance can do that Garoppolo cannot do? yes. But Shanahan knows exactly what he does (and doesn’t) very well. He knows how to control the abuse around him – he’s been doing it for years.

That doesn’t mean that Lance’s injury was a good thing. First, it was a rough break for a promising young player. Second, that would just be a rotten thing to say.

But Lance was the great unknown in San Francisco. Garoppolo is not. We know who he is and what the 49ers have with him. The team will run the ball. Play defense. And if the past several years are any indication, they will gain more than they lose.

There’s a reason analysts love Peter King From NBC Sports predicted before the season that Garoppolo would replace Lance as a starter sometime this year.

Lance may be the future in San Francisco, but a compelling argument could be made even before Sunday’s injury that the team’s best bet for success at present lies in managing Garoppolo to attack.

Now, this argument is moot.