Is Tatís still the face of MLB?

Major League Baseball recently suspended San Diego Padres short Fernando Tates Jr. for 80 games. The reason for the suspension was that the Tatis Jr. Positive for a performance enhancing substance called Clostebol.

When the news broke, Tatís Jr. resumed. Suspension with the hope of reducing the number of matches pending or reversing the suspension ruling. However, shortly after the appeal, he released a statement through MLB’s communications to social media saying: “After initially challenging the suspension, I realized my fault was the cause of this result, and for that reason, I have decided Start your business suspension service immediately.”

In the same statement, Tates Jr. admitted that he had already taken a performance-enhancing drug, but had taken it through medications to treat ringworm. A few days after the comment was announced on social media, Tates Junior’s father, Fernando Tates Sr., stated that his son had contracted ringworm from a haircut.

It is expected that when an athlete is caught taking performance-enhancing drugs, he usually lies to the public. It was no surprise that no one, including his colleagues, was happy to hear the news when it broke. Teammates Manny Machado and Mike Clevenger have told the media that they have been disappointed with him and have come this far in the season without him.

With Tates Jr. receiving so much heat from fans and teammates, his mother felt the need to stand up for her son. She tried to convince people that the ringworm story was true by posting a picture of Tates Jr.’s neck on Instagram.

The effort of Tates Jr.’s parents to try to clear their son’s name was a reasonable but unimpressive effort for the media and baseball fans. With Tates Jr.’s history of lying to the media, no one believed him for many reasons.

Whenever a player has any health issues, it is always recommended to go through the team doctor or another off-site doctor who has been approved by the organization. This is because doctors know what to prescribe an athlete without giving them banned substances, and Tates Jr. has failed to follow protocol.

Earlier in the season, Tatís Jr. to Spring Training where Padres announced that the short-lived star had fractured his wrist due to a motorcycle accident in December. When the accident occurred, MLB was in a state of closure with the Major League Baseball Players Association. At the time, Tatís Jr. could not. Contact anyone associated with the Padres organization.

Unfortunately, Tates Jr. made himself look worse later on. When Tates Jr. was questioned about his motorcycle accident by the media, he asked “Which?” Again, only one incident has been reported.

Fast forward to get back to commenting. The story of the ringworm, one might guess, was wrong. Hector Gomez, an MLB insider, tweeted that Tatís Jr. He started using skin cream back in March to try and hide the motorcycle accident.

Tates Jr. was very close to returning from injury before the suspension. However, the return will be delayed with his absence from the remaining 48 matches this season and the first 32 matches next season. To make matters worse, Tates Jr. will not be able to compete in next year’s World Baseball Classic.

A copy of this article appeared on the page. 12 From the August 25, 2022 print edition of the Daily Nexus.