Is Justin Clark close to returning?

Madison, Wes. – Wisconsin Badger High was hit hard by injuries early in the season, but good news could come on Saturday as one of the core members looks set to make a comeback.

Transfer Toledo Corner Buck Justin ClarkWho missed his first two games with a hamstring injury, was heading in the right direction this week. correct processing Riley Mahlanwho missed last week’s 17-14 loss to Washington State, was unable to train as much, head coach Paul Crest Thursday said.

The Badgers (1-1) host New Mexico State Aegies (0-3) at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

“Justin was able to do more than Riley,” Krist said. “He (Clark) was able to go yesterday and again today. He’s way ahead of Riley at the moment. Riley has been doing some work, and that’s fine. But Justin is way further ahead.”

Clarke tweeted this message shortly after Krist spoke to reporters:

The fact that Clarke has been able to practice this late in the week is a positive sign for the Badgers, who have already ruled in Year Five from the corner kick. Alexander Smith (hamstrings) and safety freshman of the year Hunter Wohler (left leg) out.

Smith, the team’s most versatile defensive back, will miss his third game in a row. He picked up a hamstring injury before training camp in the fall and was slowly working out the way back. It is unclear how long he will stay abroad.

Wohler struggled with his injury against Illinois State, and Christian said before the Washington State game that the start of the first week would be “a little bit of time.” Utah transport Kamui Lato A third-year student Preston Zackman He will continue to play more shots in Wohler’s absence.

Kentucky transfer Cedric Dort Junior has been a cornerstone for the UW team through two games, but Clarke will still play an important role.

Clark pPlaced in 47 games with 18 games in Toledo and recorded 115 tackles, four interceptions and 16 breakout passes. It was his most productive season as a freshman in 2017 under the UW Cornerbacks head coach Hank Kan, who wiped out the 2017-20 crew of Toledo. That season, Clark Set the highest professional levels in Interceptions (2), interrupted passes (7), tackles (32) in 14 matches.

“He’s a guy who challenges me to get better every day,” Clark told Badger247 in August of his relationship with Petit. “He pushed me to be my best. I definitely wanted to play last year with a guy like that.”

Seventh-year student, Clark He retained his junior eligibility after an injury in 2019 and had an extra year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the time (my injury) I was probably the best player in the conference I was in (Mid-America Conference),” Clark said. “After that year, the novel coronavirus hit, so that kind of stopped my rehab. It took about two years to get back to feeling normal. Last year I had a good year and got back to my level.”

If Mahlman (left leg) misses the second game in a row, he’s a Year 4 player Logan Brown It is likely that another start will be made. He played 82 shots against Washington State and earned a score of 70.1, according to Pro Football Focus. Brown committed one of five offensive line penalties that cost the Badgers 56 yards with a 10-yard offense in the third quarter.