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with the new Star Trek Series left, right, and center, fans are right to wonder what’s next. It looks like a file star trek universe It is constantly expanding. In addition, legendary figures such as Jean-Luc Picard return in their dedicated shows. However, with Star Trek: Picard The end, is it time to Star Trek: Janeway? Kate Mulgrew revealed that there were “conversations”.

Before we get carried away, there is no confirmation that this is in the works. However, can it work? speaking in Star Trek: Las Vegas 2022Kate Mulgrew revealed that there were talks and talks. Star Trek: Voyager Captain Catherine Janeway is back in animation Star Trek: Miracle series. However, is it time for more legendary captain?

Kate Mulgrew as Catherine Janeway (via Trek Central)

Kate Mulgrew Talks!

The Star Trek Las Vegas 2022 The conference was held the other week. Star Trek: Voyager Kate Mulgrew walked away to talk to fans about her character and performances. However, a fan asked the actress if there was any talk of doing Star Trek: Janeway. After the crowd’s applause and cheers, Mulgrew chose to answer that question.

She reminded fans that it’s simply “up to you”. Important reminder Star Trek Fans are one of the reasons Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romjin have Star Trek: A Strange New World series. Fan support is one of the driving factors in making decisions about the new Star Trek series. Alex Kurtzman and Picard Showrunner Terry Matalas also revealed.

“There are conversations” and “there are talks,” Mulgrew revealed. Does this mean that the idea of ​​a Star Trek: Janeway series, or a limited series, has been considered? But the actress confirmed that she was not shown anything directly. She has said the creators are looking at Star Trek: Picard and the value of the series. In the end, I let fans know that it’s up to them, just as it is.

Kate Mulgrew speaking at the Star Trek conference!

Janeway’s story continues

With or without the Star Trek: Janeway series, the character’s adventures continue. Kate Mulgrew was cast in Star Trek: Prodigy to reprise her role as Captain Catherine Janeway. Although she initially only plays a 3D version of her character, the real Admiral Janeway actually appears in Episode 10. The character’s story, after the end of Star Trek: Voyager, continues.

Mulgrew was initially reluctant to join the series. After several months of negotiations, she was convinced to reprise her role with the idea of ​​introducing Star Trek to a new generation of fans. Star Trek: Prodigy is currently waiting to air episode 10 of the second half of season one. Admiral Janeway will appear again, commanding the USS Dauntless.

While the main story of Star Trek grabs many: a miracle, I love what happens with the real Admiral Janeway. She’s looking for the flagship, the USS Protostar, but also for Captain Chakotay. Prodigy is aimed at the younger Star Trek generation, but it still attracts older audiences who love Star Trek: Voyager and these characters.

Admiral Janeway driving the USS Dauntless in Star Trek: Prodigy 1Γ—10 (via Paramount+)

Star Trek Limited Series

The rise of live broadcasting allows for smaller stories. While Star Trek: Picard It enjoyed three seasons, the other franchises opting for short stories. Disney’s Lucasfilm ran one season Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi series. The idea was to bring back the legendary actor, Ewan McGregor, to tell a short story. It has seen huge success all over the world. However, many fans are requesting a second season.

Currently, Star Trek has not sometimes tried like this. However, the “Short Trips” format tested the water for one-off episode stories. So there might be room for another limited Trek series after the end of Star Trek: Picard. In fact, like Captain Janeway, Kate Mulgrew also has a following to draw fans, as did Picard’s ad.

One interest in this limited series is that it does not focus on a single character. I think it would be better to use several well-known characters. For example, I think the new limited edition Star Trek series would work well with many of the legendary characters. Collect some of the Voyager crew or other Star Trek characters. This would have more attraction, in my opinion.

Kate Mulgrew as Captain Catherine Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager (via Paramount+)

What can Star Trek: Janeway explore?

First, if we make a file Star Trek: Janeway String, this must be coordinated with Star Trek: Miracle. The writing team for the animated series is currently playing Janeway as a character. Where will this new Janeway series be placed? maybe in Star Trek: Picard time of the 2400s?

Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), the character from Star Trek: Voyager, is active and running around. This is probably a story for the show to relate to. Many have requested the occasional Seven Show, even asking Picard Showrunner Terry Matalas several times. Especially with the end of the Picard series.

One story can revolve around The Borg. Janeway handled them in the Delta Quadrant during the USS Voyager’s ride home. However, with Star Trek: Picard Season 2 now introducing a new faction of the Borg, it might be time for Janeway to take on them and deal with them once and for all. Plus, maybe a return to the Delta Quadrant?

Kate Mulgrew as Vice Admiral Janeway in Star Trek: Nemesis cameo (2002 – via Paramount+)


There is always room for Star Trek The universe is expanding. with Star Trek: Picard Wrapping up in three seasons, this leaves room for something new. However, it is necessary to consider that there are many of them Star Trek Immediately. Last Star Trek: Strange New Worlds The series proves that Trek’s episodic format works just as well as the serialized stories.

Captain Janeway from Kate Mulgrew is not only a legendary character in Star Trek but also an inspirational one. With the Star Trek Universe expanding all the time, it might not be long before we see more adventures with Janeway.

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